• Liberals Are Evil?

    May 8, 2011 4:40 am 6 comments
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    Jack Gould wrote (on your Mission page):

    “Together, in this community, you and your Moral Leaders will
    combat the evil liberals of this world…”

    Jesus said:

    – You cannot serve both God and money.
    – The only way to be his disciple is to give all your
    possessions to the needy and follow him.
    – How do you follow Jesus? By feeding and clothing the hungry;
    taking care of the sick; visiting those who have been
    – Love your enemies… turn the other cheek.
    – Judge not lest you be judged.
    – The most important commandment, after loving God, is to love
    your neighbor.

    It’s obvious Jesus was liberal — a radical liberal, in fact.
    (Using today’s definition of liberal.)

    Jesus’ apostles and disciples tried to put His teachings to
    practice by forming a commune styled much the same as today’s
    Marxist communism, following pretty much the same principle:
    “From each according to his ability, to each according his
    need.” (Quoting Karl Marx.) This goes to show that Jesus was
    FAR to the left — so much so that his ideas rivaled Marx’s.

    Like it or not, those are the facts. They are all unmistakably

    So when you go off on one of your rants about the Evil Liberal
    Agenda, you are in fact fighting against the teachings of your
    own Christ. About the only thing conservatives legitimately
    have over on modern-day liberals is your stance on abortion.
    Virtually all else has no basis in New Testament scripture.
    (Not to say that they are bad… just that they aren’t based
    on the teachings of Jesus.)

    Then, also onĀ  your Mission page, you go on to say, “and let
    those who don’t abide by our teachings know the eternal pit of
    hellfire shall be awaiting!”

    Did you really mean to write YOUR teachings? Or should this
    have been Jesus’ teachings? Hopefully the latter.

    Either way, you, a mere mortal, have absolutely no idea as to
    how God will judge his children. You have no way of knowing
    what constitutes a hell-fire sin and what doesn’t. Are you
    confident that you have conducted your life in a manner so
    pleasing to God that you will be admitted to heaven? I myself
    try to follow even the so-called “hard teachings” of Jesus,
    like loving your enemy, and still I have constant doubts as to
    my worthiness. In fact I feel even less worthy. It is, after
    all, hard to love those who do me and my loved ones harm.

    This criticism is meant as food-for-thought as you move
    forward with the mission of your website. Good luck with that!


    Sandy Larsen

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