• Lindsay Lohan Entices In A Devil’s Bikini

    May 24, 2011 7:42 pm 4 comments
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  • Tatas are juggling here.  There are a type of emos called ‘juggalos’ and they are a danger to trailer park America.  These heathens roam the street in baggy “Tripps” clothing and when they see a woman, they proceed to run up to her and say ‘Faygo, jiggle for the juggalos!’.  If the woman will jiggle, they call her a juggalette and force her to join their gang and listen to Mariyln Manson, slit their wrists and do “Goth” vampire blood rituals because they all like sparkly sunlight Twilight Vampires.

    If a woman denies them, they will strip her down and shoot their ‘faygo’ all over her.  This is becoming a major problem in America and it’s when women where tops like this and bend over in front of men, that encourages these Gothic emo vampires to attack.

    We already have more than enough proof that Lindsay Lohan is a lesbian vampire to so no wonder she is so careless in this exposed shot.

  • Gays cannot resist a woman who is in some form of poopy squat pose.  There are various ways women sit when trying to do number 2 on a public toilet.  They will bend in all weird directions to avoid a splashing and that is fine and normal.  These poses, however, make them look vulnerable so there are raunchy women who will bring the poopy squat pose out of the bathroom and into the light of the public eye.

  • Here we see Lindsay is doing a sideways spraddle variation.  And instantly, a gay with a pink ascot and frilly Sex on the Beach, being sipped through a faggy straw (gays love to suck things) is trying to woo her, his left hand gently brushing his gel product hair.  Gays are like cats to catnip when they get a whiff of poopy squat.  They love the scent of fecal matter and it matters not if it comes from man, woman or child.

  • Gays want to lick the backside of any being and when Lohan put herself in this position, she knew she would instantly attract the gay crowd.  In this image, Lohan is enticing the gay community to sin even more and we can see it is working.


  • 4.

  • Lindsay is now visibly scared and upset, because two gays have come to her.  We see pink ascot and tshirt to the right, but now one adorned in an unbleached anol hole brown toned hat has come.  He’s wearing a ring on his right hand, just like vampire Vlad Edward Cullen in the tremendously dangerous Twilight Movie Series, meaning he wants to also do vampire true blood rituals in addition to gay techniques on Lohan.  The poor fallen starlette is now so stressed by the thoughts of being entered by two gays in heat (look how they lay and are enamored by her scent!) that she has to smoke a cigarette and let wafts of more sin enter her already drug addled body.

  • 5.

  • The pink flower shorts are now edging closer to Lindsay’s fertile flower area.  But instead of entering her pink rose, the snake in the garden will want to enter her potting soil in the back.  Lindsay now looks horrified, maybe because a plan to entice young college men with her vajazzlings and poopy squats has failed, and instead, a gay man wants to put his slithery boa constrictor into her back yard hole and let it slither deeper and deeper, as she tenses and squeezes her plumped muscles and body as it digs even deeper, and finally quivers before it spits its poison within.

  • Now we see the look of pain and suffering.  Pink Flower Shorts has disappeared and we can only assume the act is done.  The panties are hixed up in the back and you know what that means.  Look at the face of Lindsay.  So much pain and guilt.  Such pain and guilt.  That’s what happens when you entice, you never know what’s going to come your way.  Keep that in mind women.

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