• Lindsay Lohan is a Lesbian Vampire, Part 3

    May 12, 2011 9:01 pm 11 comments
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  • Three times now we have captured Lindsay Lohan taking lesbian vampire pictures. With her red hair and penchant for black out cocaine parties, it was easy to tell she was an at risk lesbian. When the fangs and blood appeared though, the fate as a lesbian vampire was confirmed and no telling what sort of rabid syphillis is coursing her brain and making her do all the bizarre things we’ve seen over the last few years.

    History reveals that lesbians and homosexuals were prevalent during Earth’s dark ages.  The height of their prominence was marked by the Bubonic plague, a deadly form of a AIDS-like retrovirus that was spread first through homosexual orgies, where the participants would bite each other and dwell in the foulest rat excrement.  The plague ravaged Europe, as drug laced homosexuals ran wildly amock, biting the neck and inserting their bodies into any living creature they could find.

    Europe was nearly annihilated, but fortunately the Knights of Templar began to stone the lesbian and homosexual vampires, burying them with bricks in the mouth.  Our exclusive look into the defeat of vampirism can be purchased on Amazon via DVD.

    But today, we see the rise of vampires once more.  Lindsay Lohan vampire status predates the popular teen novel Twilight, written by a very terrifying homosexual man known as JKR Rowling.  This Rowling is a transgender, a human without a true identity.  The books are teaching people the way to vampirism, all the way from blood orgies in rat excrement to randomly suckling blood from the neck and teat of strangers.

    Lindsay has apparently enticed some unfortunate fan in the picture up above, and again we see, lesbians/homos care not the gender.  Their passion is in the seduction and the kill.  They love to mount and dominate.

    In a bloody display of fiery passion, the Lindsay Lohan lesbian vampire mounts her milky smooth thighs over the final gasps of her latest victims.  Rigid in the deepest pulses of ecstasy, Lohan drips with excitement and will use her vampiric powers to have one final rise of her victim, his last memory being the scent of his blood swirled with the scent of a sweating pelvis, firmly riding him to the highest throes of orgasmic satisfaction.

    What a terrible fate.  This is another danger of Hollywood, friends, and we have more proof of Lindsay Lohan is infected with vampirism.  Keep your distance, or the same fate that befell this poor soul shall grab and rip your life too.

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