• Lindsay Lohan is Now Basically Naked

    May 24, 2011 8:12 pm 7 comments
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  • Only minutes ago, I shared images of Lindsay Lohan getting the business from some gays she accidentally enticed.  Then almost instantly like Harry Potter magic, she’s back on her feet again and dazzling the crowd with a magical showing of her milknipples and flamebroiler pulser.

    These images show that this girl is on the prowl and if you have a college son enjoying a few weeks on a California coastal campus, beware!  She’s out to get some man.


    Here we can see milknipples, or as brother Heinkel so eloquently puts it ‘Mammalian Ludicrosities’.  There was a time and place where a woman could be stoned for tempting us men of morality to be accused of our wives at looking at her shame shakes.  We cannot help it that we have eyes and they can’t be stopped from seeing.  We have to see and it is the fault of women who dress like this.

    Derek Van Buren asked the question and I’ll ask it again.  How many of you have women who come to the workplace with ridiculously low cut tops?  It is sick and not right.


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    If you stare into the abyss, beware!  For the abyss stares back into you too.  If the words of Voltaire were true, we would all turn into two huge, voloptuous bared milk tatties because that’s what’s on display here.  Make sure your kids and wife is out of the room and get a good look at the sin here.  Just take an eyeful and shake your head in disgust.  This girl is supposed to be a role model for college girls everywhere, so all over campuses next year the freshman girls will be all pert and walking around in shirts like this and trying to get your son to turn them pregnant.

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    Make sure your wife and children are out of the room.  This image takes a solemn duty.  Pray.  Pray and let your eyes wander south over the busom of her body.  When you get to the panty liner region, take a keen eye.  Notice there is a pink entrance there and it is meant for a husband.  She has exposed the sally jessy and is letting it dangle in the wind, being gently hit but the glimmer of a summer’s sunlight.

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    There it is.  The clamdabbler.   The sea frickey.  The sally jessy raphael.  Why must women dress like this..  Lindsay Lohan is a trendsetter and now women are going to be running all over town, with milkmakers jiggling and their snoot grips singing hi ho hi ho and then who’s going to get blamed?  Men.

  • Your wives and girlfriends will blame you, men.  They will blame you even though you never told this woman to run in front of your eyes and make you see what she’s doing.
  • Now see, it is human nature.  It is normal for a man to look upon a body like this.  Why would we, as men, be able to naturally look away from such things when its in our Godly DNA to be attracted to women.  It is the responsibility of women not to be little demons and attack our eyes by dressing like this.  We cannot help but look.  It is part of the survival instinct.
  • If I go to the store and they are cooking up bacon samples, should I be punished if my mouth waters and salivates?  No.
  • If I go outside and a big German killer Mastiff shephard mixed with pit bull and junkyard kujo dog tries to bit my family, should I get in trouble and be punished if my heart beats with African rage and I instinctively kill it with my mighty beared hands?  No.
  • It is part of being a man.  Passion.  Raw energy.  Instinct.  This is why we made government, to rule our passions.  And every man who is right in his head is going to take a little extra look if a twenty year old is flapping herself around like this.  Now if we betray our wives and enter into sin, then that is bad.
  • But having a look is natural and normal.  Don’t try to act like it is not, women.
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  • Here we see her enticing with a Japanese dress and a soft, gentle exposure of her lustful dairy product.
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    Now this one shows her womanly figure from behind, wrapped in soft floral linens.

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    The cougar is bared here and fur mounds.  You can see her skirt is designed in such a way that it forces your eyes to look at sin.  It’s not your fault, its genetics.  Tell your wife is she is screeching from the other room where you told her to go while you review.

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