• Lolcats distroying American one feline at a time

    May 30, 2011 7:45 pm 60 comments
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  • Many articles on Christwire as of late have told us of the dangers of cat ownership including:


    Now there is a new danger to Humanity from the feline scourge. LOLCATS.

    So what is a Lolcat? Wikipedia tells us:

    A lolcat is an image combining a photograph of a cat with text intended to contribute humour. The text is often idiosyncratic and grammatically incorrect, and its use in this way is known as “lolspeak” or “kitty pidgin”.

    “Lolcat” is a compound word of the acronymic abbreviation “LOL” and the word “cat”.A synonym for “lolcat” is cat macro, since the images are a type of image macro.Lolcats are commonly designed for photo sharing imageboards and other Internet forums. Similar image macros which do not actually feature cats are often simply referred to as “lols”.

    Now if your like me that didn’t make any sense whatever, let me put it in christian speak. Sad lonely young women, who are not good enough to be married, and homogay men in their 20’s take pictures of cats and put amusing (not really amusing, were not talking Jeff Foxworthy amusing here)comments on the pictures. Usually the writting is supposed to be the thoughts of the cats.
    The people then upload the pictures to web sites that then spread the images to others, much like feline AIDs.

    The two largest purveyors of this feline madness are lolcats.com and icanhascheezburger.com.

    It is estimated that women (and gay men) waste a total of 4.7 hours a day looking at online lolcat images. Those are hours that could better be used for:
    *fighting terrorists
    *reading the bible
    *praising jesus
    *cooking dinner for you husband
    *finding a husband
    *mission work

    IN these images I have included you can see that lolcats have no limits, as they often attack Christianity and America.

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