• May 21st Rapture Is Here, Missing Family Picture Evidence

    May 21, 2011 3:51 pm 33 comments
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    The rapture has come and we’re all doomed.  As I ran through Wal-Mart for survival supplies today I was afraid because I have not disappeared into heaven.  This has happened because gays and coloreds have infested Georgia with such brown fecal iniquity, got is painting us all with the color of sin!  My heart is filled with anger and rage because I see these images of families who have disappeared in moral states and now I am forced to suffer here on Earth until God cracks the sky and ends it all.  I knew it would come to this and now will have to work twice as hard to condemn all sinners and make sure America is the Supreme Country for the end of days.

    Behold the images of rapture:

    A Facebook friend found this site in their home today!  Their college daughter came home from school with her boyfriend and they stayed on this flannel sheets, laying prostate before God in prayer all night until sweart poured from their brow and they disappeared naked out of their clothing.  What a tragic yet happy day for the mother who was left behind.   Her daughter was not left behind and nor her boyfriend.

    Here Patricia Grunwault our friend is left behind.  You can she and her husband were sharing a final breakfast meal on Earth before they disappeared and it happened right on their security camera.

    Again, gone.

    Here even somehow a sunbather has been called up to Heaven.  It shows God is truly merciful.

    This is what it must have looked like for this young woman’s angel as she looked down and floated to heaven.

    One of the scariest things about the rapture is all the officers will be gone.  Here we see a police officer is driving through a Mexican or black neighborhood.  You can tell by the section 8 housing style of the slab roofs.  He was searching for a drug dealer when God called him home for his good work in keeping America safe from standard drug dealers.

    Here is a close-up of the officer’s uniform.


    This was the scene in Canada today.  You can see the spread of Christianity has crossed the frozen border and even though Canadians helped burn down the White House, God has even forgiven some of them.

    The innocence of children.  These Kansan parents grieve but today their kids frolick through the eternal happiness of heaven, where they no longer have to worry about homosexual child snatchers, drug dealers and bully liberals trying to entice them into sexualized marketing with MTV and Abercrombie ad commercials.

    A man wrote a diary and had a few shots of vodka and sat on the john, collecting his thoughts and his final memoirs before being called up to heaven.  His wife, an atheist, was forced to take this picture and only wishes she would have listened to him when he warned her to go to church and try Christ.

    Here a young man played Facebook while waiting for his rapture time to come.  Now, he has an eternity in bliss to see the jewels of the universe.

    Camaflouged within this field, you can see one of our American Soldiers in Afghanistan has been called home.  This is actually a problem, because most of our troops have disappeared because they fight terrorists in the name of God.  We will have to recruit many more young men and women now and their hearts will not be as pure.

    A father cut his lawn one last Saturday.

    The shirt and shorts of a Mexican Catholic painter fell down the ladder after he was called to heaven.  He was from America and here legally, so he can still go to heaven.

    As you see, the rapture is already all around us.  More images will take place.  That Herman man was maybe a liar, but we can still see that the rapture is taking place slowy every day around us.  I am upset with the sinners in Georgia who have messed up my rapture day, but will strive and make it to heaven and lead as many of you Americans to come with me as we go there together.

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