• May is National Masturbation Month, Let’s Make It Reach Out and Touch a Selfo Month

    May 5, 2011 1:21 am 26 comments
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    May as National Masturbation Month began in 1995 in uber homosexually charged San Francisco as a response to the forced resignation of U.S. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders.

    The month long festival of finger fiddling pleasure seekers began Sunday in remembrance of Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders’s response to a question about masturbation as a potential graham cracker satiate for curbing early sexual activity.

    “I think it is something that is part of human sexuality and a part of something that perhaps should be taught.”

    It was a comment that proved to pre-eject her from what was a promising career when even then President Clinton had her censured. Through the vigilant efforts of the homosexual and masturbation communities, this was not the end. Somehow it seems to have infested our education system and become a dark force of bullying and baiting our young for sport with something called “inappropriate touch Tuesday”. Research shows this diabolical activity was started by the brooding boo-foo buddy, Daniel Tosh.

    “Does anybody else have this at their school? For some strange reason, my good friends decide to molest me, prompting me to slouch in the corner in on myself and sit on the ground with my bag as my only source of protection…… Yeah, we totally did nothing today in the heat. We just went crazy. “

    “haha, a guy on my bus said that, and then he was like, grabbing his friends face and making perverted noises while rubbing the guys face and hair……haha”

    Not understanding the dangers of masturbation leaves our young people open for the cruelest touch, an inappropriate touch of homosexuality and selfish rejection of a Christ filled life. As parents and grandparents, you don’t need to wait for that sad day when you find out little Carl has a new happy time friend.


    Selfo’s Need You to Be a Soldier

    As we have all been taught, masturbation is a very naughty and dirty thing that one chooses to engage in when we seek out congress with evil. The body is a temple to be clean and without filth. To mire oneself in the act is to open the heart to disease and potential homosexual lusts and desires.

    Masturbation is the number one reason for aborted, non-uterine fetuses. An erection is the beginning of life and should be saved for the marriage bed, not a tube sock. Not all agree with these truths. Some strive to destroy the sanctity of marriage and our God given temples by blowing the pied pipe of self pleasure.

    The street cracking term, selfo, is used to describe the character of these wanton bean flickers and pecker polishers. They are selfish. They internalize and bogart themselves from God’s holy plan of marriage, rejecting the truth of children and intimacy for the lies and propaganda of a sex toy industry.

    The National Masturbation Month program has been sponsored by Good Vibrations, a company long profiting on the carnal desires of others through informational campaigns of hate and homosexual misinformation such as “Good Vibrations House Calls: Damage from Anal Sex?” Of course there is damage from anal sex! There is no need for a question mark! The anus is a one way cul de sac, not a toll bridge.

    Reach Out and Touch a Masturbating Selfo – What Can I do?

    While Brother Billings has published a very insightful piece on the ins and outs of spotting the Masturbator, we need more than simple identification. These Selfo’s need our help. Here are some suggestions to spread the ministry.

      Start a S.W.A.T team – You don’t have to call it SWAT, we called our team M.O.A.N short for Ministry of Anus Nobblers to address the pain of homosexuality in our city by countless selfos. We would protest and sometimes go to homosexual places like gymnasiums, beauty pageants and antique stores. The lives we saved from homosexual selfish desires were great!
      Sponsor a Dildo Drive – These are very effective. For every dildo returned, the repentant receive a free King James Version Bible and their name on the Holy Billboard for daily prayers. Some are very apprehensive about coming forward, but once they learn that their name will be seen for prayer and intercession by every car that stops at the light in front of our church, their eyes fill with tears of joy! Praise the power to heal!

    Crack that whip

      Form a Church Sports League – Getting the message out to the young is important and this is a great forum for opening up the conversation about masturbation. We had some anti-self love tools in team colors for the kids and it really seemed to make a difference.

    Whatever you choose, know that you can make a difference in a selfo’s life and help them learn that time spent touching oneself is just punching the clock for Satan.

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