• Michelle Obama has African Comedy Hair

    May 24, 2011 1:08 pm 11 comments
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    One of the things that tickles my funny bone is how the hair of a black’s will muss all up when they get into it rough and wild. You can always see Standayja’s and Kikimooki on Jerry Springer fighting over who the bady daddy is and then they get into a tribal African rage fight.

    From the left, Stoolaki unleashes her fists of black fury like lightning thunder and with the other hand, grabs a fist full of fake hair weave extension braids. Then the other one named Janaynay will grab off the wig of the other woman, all while Karl watches and laughs, but will be crying just a few moments later when he finds out one of the kids is his.

    It is funny to watch and if you look long enough, you’ll see when they snatch the fake hair off each other underneath is there dry root hair. Unbeweavable.

    Well we can finally see that at the roots Michelle Obama is nothing but a beauty shop manufacture product. Her hair don’t look all healthy and shiny like Herbal Essences pleasures naturally. It looks just like all other tribe wilds.

    You can see the, sulfhydryl bondages in her hair cannot lay back down after a little gust in the wind.  This is very typical and more evolved hair Mendelian types will lay neatly back down or flow dramatically in the eyes.


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