• Miley Cyrus Does Yoga in a Blace Lace Gothic Body Suit

    May 21, 2011 4:24 am 15 comments
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  • Gothic children, who also call them selves emo juggalos, are Satan possessed fans of Twilight. All children who are gothic wear leather corsets which entice men to look at their Scandinavian beer wench tatas. Then, if that were not bad enough, they were lacy hotpants from Hot Topic and bend over and there are no panties! Anger fills my heart and you can see them with red marks on their necks, called hickey spots and this was all the fault of JK Tolkien for writing the movie Twilight that celebrates neck biting blood orgies.

    Children all around the world are victims of this new vampire culture. Your heart still races in fear and terror when you think about the 13 year old boy who bit and sucked the blood from eleven of his classmates. Disgust makes your morning breakfast sour in your belly, when you think about Lindsay Lohan Lesbian Vampire.

    But today, the ending day for all and the start of God’s ultimate May 21st judgement, we find the precious daughter we tried to adopt and met with to discuss her music and life, Miley Cyrus, is pledging her soul to Vlad Satan. She is telling Satan she will happily let him impale her.

    Right here in this picture, you can see she has put on the Bride of Satan outfit.  It has black death roses all over her soft, porcelain body and beneath the laces, her firm musculature buldges out, filling the outfit with the lurid movement of young, budding sexuality.  A cool whisper in the heat of a Georgia summer, her breath gently ebbs out, “Take me, Satan”.  It rings in his ears and he will peek with excitement, my friends, right in her exposed Sally Dapper that she is exposing for him or any possessed man that likes Twilight.

    Look at her face.  She knows not what she does.  She is a zombie under the possession of these raunchy Twilight films series.  This outfit is saying she will suffer any man, even married, with a night of tight bodied, wild energy young twenty year-old sexual escapades.

    The flying eagle.  That is the name of the move she is doing on this chair, in the Chinese Kama Sutra.  The Kama Sutra is a sinful part of the Chinese Hindu Buddhist Bible that tells them secret ways to let a man place his evil Asian satan scepter in a Asian woman’s rice fields, such that when he pops out his little Asian homunculus spermatozoans they can infiltrate more than one Chinese egg as prescribed by America’s more clean and chaste form of reproduction, the standard husband mounting of the wife.

    This is why India and Asia have 3 billion people, compared to us at 300 million.

    In the gay community, they call this move the ‘flagpole sittah’, which is derived from Flagpole Sitter.  A homosexual band even made a song about this move.  The gays love it because even if they have to settle for a woman to satisfy their endless sexual appetite for the night, they can easily push their phallus deeply into her sally jane to track her, then go Oooopsssies, and slip right back into her clenched and surprised trunk, where they truly want to be.  Miley is exposing herself to be used like that and it pains your heart to see this college-aged child dressed like that and in such a vulnerable position.

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