• Minnesota Bans Gays! Praise Morality!

    May 12, 2011 9:59 am 14 comments
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    The little homo hockers on Queerty got their little silken gay panties in a bunch and are crying tears of defeat.  Looks like no more hockey sticks handles up your poopoppers you homo Minnesotas.  The government of Minnesota is saying get out!  Praise God and there were even Democrats who voted for this great news!

    We all remember what God had to do to grab Minnesota’s attention.  Now I keep warning everyone, God is just snapping his finger and huffing his nose, then things like this happen when you give gays rights:

    God could have done it in the middle of a game and let his power be known and cause death and suffering.  But he just gave a warning shot and it was enough for Minnesota.

    Homo queerty cries!:

    As expected, the Minnesota Senate squirted out a ban on marriage this afternoon by a 38-27 vote. How do you like that, New Gays?

    From just that little nugget of fudging sin, you can tell the gay writer is oozing with typical gay fury and sassiness.  “Squirted out a ban”.  I hope you know, homos, that Satan is squirting each one of you up with the marinations of fecal sins.  When you get seared on the grills of hell, your musty rump roast meat will be savory to him for an eternity.  Gays make Satan’s mouth water.  The article continues:

    From here, it’s on to an easy passage in the Republican-controlled House, and then voters in 2012. Minnesota already has a ban on marriage, but anti-gay legislators aren’t content to stop there — why slap your gay constituents in the face once when you can do it twice?

    Gays are comical, because they prance around in their little tight girl colored clothing and European cars, then try to talk like they are tough.  I wish it were only 400 years ago, because I’d drag any gay who wanted a fight to the streets and give him a row of punches until he squealed for mercy.  So it’s no surprise that in this PC time it’s not allowed and we can’t even throw them into a river to see if they float like witches.

    But what is sure is the writer on Queerty is gay angry.  When gays get angry, they love to call us Godly people bigots.  They always try to say it is the Republicans who don’t treat them right, when in reality we are happy to let them be but just want them out of 1) our country 2) our sights and 3) our children.

    It’s that last one that really makes gays furious.  They love the backside of children and that’s why for everyone 1 gay, 4 children are bagged and dallied.  It is tragic and if we allow gays an inch, they will be just like a mouthy woman and take a mile.  The only difference is your kids will come home sore each day because the school nurse or secretary (a gay’s favorite two jobs) decided it was legal to roger little Johnny in the kinkster and whoever said it was not right, is a bigot!

    The gays continue their whinging:

    We’re trying to track down who voted yes and who voted no on the bill, known as SF1307 in the Senate and HF1614 in the House. We’ll let you know when we have more details.

    UPDATE: Thanks to reader Xavier, we have a list of how everybody voted. All the Republicans voted yes, and were joined by Democratic Senator LeRoy Stumpf. And two Democrats didn’t vote at all: Richard Cohen and Linda Scheid. So, Minnesotans, now you know who to vote out the next time they’re up for election.

    As you can see, gays are terrifyingly vindictive and violent.  They are vile.  They love the letter v and get twiddled up with sinful excitement when they find a new firm squisher to insert their phallic venereal disease into.  So when we make laws to ban them from society, they get angry and try to hunt us down.

    Look at how they bold the word Update in Obama black.  They are creating blacklists of how everyone voted, so they can form voting blocs and use their Gay Agenda contacts to make ‘unfortunate accidents’ happen to people who do not vote their way.

    Gays are terrifying, but we must persevere.  And today, Minnesota came through with a huge victory.  Praise be.

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