• More Incredibly Sexy Pictures of Mildred Baena

    May 19, 2011 5:17 pm 4 comments
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  • Arnold Scwarzenegger is an internationally recognized movie star whose movies have grossed more than Africa and SouthWest Asia combined.  He’s a billionaire.  He’s a governor.  And with all the screaming girlies, this is where he decides to secretly unload his unwrapped flesh sword:

    The caliente mama is Mildred Baena, the woman with a mystically silken secret place.  How else would you be able to convince a man of such power and might to deliver hokey sex lines and then fully unleash his Christmas sleigh within the beast.  If I were jingling all the way in such things, I would demand to be shot.  I would first get drunk on a 12 pack of Dos X and ask Rudolf to play red nose proctologist to my gaping backside before even coming within five minutes of the Yeti here.

    I’ve seen that face somewhere before.  It’s usually when leaving a hotel room early in the morning and having that awkward moment when you have to make conversation with the Mexican housecleaner.   “You like clean room?  No?  You, how say, you lieeke fresh towel.  No?  I unwrap pants and you get ohoh and then wet me inside?  Oh, okay.  I come back. You buy.”

    Oh, she was a housecleaner!  You don’t say.

    Sometimes she even washed ashore and took romantic walks on the beach, which I’ll have to give atheists a point in their evolution argument for this one.  I’m all about saving the whales and if they can save themselves, well, we’re making progress.  Maybe we can teach Obama Mommas and upper Africa that same trick?  Oh, Jerry, you racist.

    No, it’s the truth.  It’s good to see someone do work for themselves and trust, it is how you fix world hunger.  Give them the tools and skills to build their own nations and harvest their own resources.  Babying them is a form of control, the same way Democrats give out free food and health care and homes and everything else to minorities and the poor.  Yeah, that’s not helping anything.  That will just create a cycle where they think everything magically drops from the sky, for free.  Make them learn to support themselves and help them get the means to do it, and you fix the problem.  But what has that got to do with Chupacabra up there?

    Nothing at all, really.  Arnold Scwarzenegger bought this woman a $270,000 home and she, for a while, convinced her husband the kis was theirs, allegedly, before divorcing him.  Meanwhile, Governor Schwarzenegger used his wife’s Kennedy fame and his beautiful family to gain our trust as he ran California.  It is a very hurtful situatino honestly and sure, the people involved may be nice people.  She looks nice enough, like a cleaning lady on vacation.  But do you really trust her cleaning your room when your shiny diamond ring, purse and horny husband lays half asleep in the room.  You may want to think twice.

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