• More May 21st Rapture, God EXPLODES Volcano Under Iceland

    May 21, 2011 9:41 pm 7 comments
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    The power of God was on display today, my friends!  Behold!

    A cloud of smoke and ash rises over the Grimsvotn volcano in Iceland on Saturday.

    Terrified Icelandic scientists hurried to their radios to send out an alert.  A powerful, unprecedented rattling of the nation was felt by all and later discovered to be due to the formerly inactive Grimsvotn volcano suddenly exploding with activity.

    The volcano caused a whopping 8.5 readout on the Richter scale, further scaring scientists.  According to the Icelandic Weather Council, the volcano suddenly shifted underneath Earth and emerged through the Vatnajokull glacier in a stunning display for heartwrenching glory.

    Only one year ago, we watched and reported on the Eyjafjallajokull volcano explosion and many people were shocked and bowed to God after seeing the images of the wrathful horror.

    God Strikes Iceland With Volcano Wrath

    Satan’s Face Seen in Eyjafjallajokull Explosion

    Behold God’s Volcano Wrath in Europe:  15 Awe Inspiring Images


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