• New Obama T-Shirts Promote Interracial Sin Lust

    May 23, 2011 9:08 pm 14 comments
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  • Barack Hussein Obama has schemed a new way to trick you into giving him your hard-earned money. He is not a capitalist, but he is desperate for campaign money like a baby for a mother’s teat, so he must resort to evil brain tricks in order to strip your money out of your pockets into his bank account. With his new T-shirt, Hussein Obama is using subliminal mind control to make you think about the lustful sin deed that brought him into this world.

    Barack Hussein’s parents were not married, but he was planted inside his mother by his father’s seed in a sin act that crossed between races due to the the sexual fetishes of white women and black men. It is common knowledge that the president exited his mother’s womb in Kenya, but this shirt goes to great lengths to remind us that he is eligible to be president because he was technically conceived from this deviant interracial sex act nine months earlier in Hawaii. Therefore he is “MADE IN THE U.S.A.” because Hawaii is unfortunately a part of our great nation.

    The Democratic party, and especially Hussein, know all too well how susceptible young liberals are to sinful sex act imagery. Of course you remember four years ago when he paid this hussy whore woman to dress up as sex superhero “Obama Girl” and expose her milk sacs in official campaign ads like this one.

    Her uncovered skin parts drove the sex crazed liberals into a frenzy and they were led by their throbbing erections to contribute money to him and to vote for him at the voting booth. Now he is attempting to whip up a similar frenzy with these T-shirts reminding you of the interracial devil sin lust deeds of his parents.

    It is a common tactic of the homogays to use interracial imagery to brainwash your genital parts into engorgement and forget all the cares in the world. Not only that, but Hussein’s mother was named Stanley so a person named Stanley having sex with a man is more or less an illegal gay sinful gay sex act.

    Do not be deterred by the president’s homogay agenda and do not reach for your wallet to buy this T-shirt simply because it sexually arouses you. That is the Democrats’ and Obama’s goal and we must stay strong and drive such thoughts from our minds. Give money to true capitalist Newt Gingrich instead of supporting this gay lust shirt.

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    Cool Tom Kimbo I am a Youth Minister trying very hard to show children that God is more awesome than sin docking and rap.

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