• Obama kills Osama: Takes Credit for Very Late Term Abortion

    May 1, 2011 10:15 pm 22 comments
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  • According to chrisTwire journalist Chuck Reagan, President Barack Hussein Obama is going to announce later this hour that his distant cousin Osama Bin Laden is dead.

    George W Bush promised he would be delivered Dead or Alive; that promise has now been fulfilled. The capture and abortion of Osama Bin Laden marks the 8 year anniversary of President Bush’s Mission Accomplished declaration.

    DNA evidence has confirmed that the body is Bin Laden’s according to chrisTwire Whitehouse insiders. Also confirmed is that he has been killed by an “American asset”. He was killed in a mansion outside of Islamabad Pakistan.

    Osama bin Laden was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In a 1998 interview, he gave his birth date as March 10, 1957. His father Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden was a wealthy businessman with close ties to the Saudi royal family. Osama bin Laden was born the only son of Muhammed bin Laden’s tenth wife, Hamida al-Attas. Osama’s parents divorced soon after he was born; Osama’s mother then married Muhammad al-Attas. The couple had four children, and Osama lived in the new household with three half-brothers and one half-sister.

    File Photo of Osama’s family

    Chants of USA, USA…. Have been ringing out worldwide

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