• Racist Evil Afterlife Poll: Is Osama Bin Laden in Hell?

    May 4, 2011 5:39 pm 18 comments
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  • Put on a Clean Shirt, Liberaturd

    A poll was conducted by CNN asking 700 adults if they believed Osama Bin Laden is in Hell. 61% of the respondents believe he is indeed in Hell. This is the first clue that this poll is flawed. One would expect the number to be much, much higher for the demise of a world renowned terrorist that is responsible for the jet fuel immolation of our citizens. For the entire sample, 5% did not believe that Hell exists; which is interesting when one examines the breakdown.

    For liberaturds and democrats, nearly 10% from each group said Hell does not exist. While a matter of faith, it is interesting that CNN then presents the information categorized by affiliation. Of Tea Partiers, those rabble rousers of less spending and patriotic three cornered hats, surveyed only 2% said they don’t believe in Hell. For those identifying as strongly against Tea Party values, 14% said Hell is a fantasy.

    Colored News Network?

    This study is obviously rife with racism, much like CNN. If Tea Party members were surveyed, one can be sure there were some afro-saxons represented in the group, yet the survey does not provide this information on the individuals surveyed. Are they afraid of what a Black American will tell them? Do they not believe Afro-saxons can think for themselves? What proof do they need to believe in the strength of our darker brothers and sisters?

    What is CNN playing here? We all know their viewership has improved due to the recent news, but do they have to play the race card in this transparent attempt to pander to the White House candidacy in 2012? We have seen where CNN will steal scoops with abandon and without shame from the contributors of Chris†Wire.

    This survey is a slap in the face of those that died the morning of September 11. Much like the Democrats that now want to sneak in legislation to test responders of that fateful morning for terrorist affiliation, these purveyors of lies want to exclude a significant portion of our population from the American experience.

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