• Rapture Hoaxer Harold Camping’s Site Claims Joplin Tornado Fault of Obama not Supporting Israel

    May 23, 2011 6:37 pm 55 comments
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  • Harold Camping has been in hiding after his May 21st rapture hoax did not pan out. The Bible makes it clear no man will know the hour of Christ’s return and we see that Harold Camping is included in that number.

    Instead of bunkering up and enjoying the $80 million he’s suckered out of people, however, we see that Camping’s alleged news website is claiming the Joplin tornado tragedy is happening because Obama, last week, demanded Israel pull back to its 1967 borders and give all their land to Palestinian Muslims.

    These are the type of people America needs to work against. There are millions of people who think like this and vote for people like George W. Bush, twice, even though he lied straight to their faces in efforts to make oil money off Iraq.

    There are people who will come up with myriad excuses to hate Obama, not because he’s necessarily a bad president, but because he’s black and is not named John Smith or Generic Englishname. These people are delusional. Missouri really has 3/4 of a town wiped out because God is upset because Obama suggested Israel could start a path to peace with Palestine if they move back to arbitrary borders that existed in 1967? It couldn’t just be really bad weather patterns taking place over a populated area?

    The fact that people like this will be voting in 2012 and the fact that they have 20,000 followers on Facebook troubles me. Many of you trouble me. But that’s why I continue to read and fight the good fight. Discourse is the key to social evolution and I believe that one day, we’ll see even maggots such as these emerge from the goop of their ignorance and into the flying progress of love, equality and logic in humanity.

    But Harold Camping, and you’re people. You guys are batshit crazy. I said it.

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