• Reed Richards Defeats Magneto With Wooden Gun – X-Men, First Class

    May 14, 2011 3:41 pm 1 comment
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    Jerry Cohen

    In honor in the upcoming summer blockbuster movies that we’ll all go to see and not download, here is an old clip where the Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards is pitted agaist the all mighty Magneto. X-Men, First Class, will tell the story of young Professor X and Magneto and their first class of evolution agenda mutants from Marvel Comics.

    This fantasy film makes Magneto seem like a great mastermind, but keep in mind kids, just like the theory of evolution, which proposes that one day humans will evolve into magical beings who can shoot magic unicorn happiness from horns we evolve on our heads all the way to fly like a bird, Magneto is equally stupid in getting defeated by a wooden gun. Really.

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