• San Francisco Chronicle Caught Promoting Homogay Agenda

    May 25, 2011 6:17 pm 4 comments
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  • Liberals try to claim that San Francisco is not a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah, yet we see the crown fecal capital of homosexual colonists is once again showing its true rainbow colors.

    Here is today’s leading headline in the San Francisco Chronicle:

    I want to know who boards the “California Newspaper Publisher Association”, because how can a paper that posts a dripping wet dog panting over a man whose face in in the throes of ecstasy, shirt exposing his very suspiciously enhanced breast region and leading down to a bared mid-riff and chance of pants-less shock be considered California’s Best Large Newspaper.

    All I see here is veiled homosexual agenda. Gays are people who choose to live a lifestyle of shame and guilt because they use their bodies in ways that fly in the face of nature. Members of the gay movement feel they can slide right into our lives if we see things like a floppy eared puppy giving a man the backside business on the front of our paper.

    If we become desensitized to images like this, we will not think it’s so unreasonable for a clutch of gays to wildly rip each others clothing off and have a massive, random pop orgy right on a school bus corner. Who care if our kids have front row seats? We live in a society where a big, friendly dog can give a man the business on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle.

    It is a sign of the time, fervent readers. The gays walk among us and their ploys to implement themselves as ‘normal’ members of our society grow in power, support and now as we see, mainstream media. Beware, moral majority. Beware!

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