• Sarah Palin, The True Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Trailer)

    May 30, 2011 10:15 am 5 comments
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  • It was a cold, blistery Alaskan night in February. The year was 1964 and on the 11th day of that year, God pulled the great bit of irony on a great beast known as Satan. 1964 is the Year of the Dragon in the blood Chinese zodiac and on February 11, 1964, God brought into this world a great dragon of good, not evil, who will scorch China, Satan, Russia and every other enemy of America with a fiery might of logic and wisdom in 2012.

    This Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is not some invention of David Flincher or Hollywood. She is the real deal. Her name: Sarah Palin.


    Sarah Palin is making it know that in 2012, she will be running for President of the United States of America. This fireball of righteousness has a passion for American patriotism that burns so hot, it will melt the coldest iceberg and bring Americana brand pride to the most atheist, traitor heart.

    America is a Christian nation. We are the last of Christian nations on Earth. There is so much chaos in society, with Gaddafi torturing his people and Europe on the brink of World War again, all because America is not asserting dominance of our lesser brethren.

    From history, we’ve learned that it takes the heart of devotion, and the auro of legend…such as that exuded by a dragon of fairy tales, to truly lead the world.

    Before World War II, the Earth was hopeless. It was lost. Men such as Adolf Hilter and Joseph Stalin shocked the world with grievious speeches of hopelessness and despair. They told people to obey their dictator’s words, for their was no hope. There was no brighter tomorrow. There were only the eternally droll factories of Communism. There were only the eternally hellsent deathcamps of Nazism.

    The people were with grief. They thought that life was all about suffering and oppressing others, but America. We still had God. Even in the midst of depression, we were moral and God lifted us out of it and let us come to Europe on a day of deliverance.




    And now, the world stands in need of that same deliverance. All across the board, everything is in chaos. Evil dicatators in Africa have arisen, just like in the days of Moses. In Europe, egomaniacs with a demogogue’s promise of racial superiority strike fear into the hearts of the servant bound sheep people who live in these nations. Europeans are a people who are simple and easily dominated. They are used to bowing before kings, as America, we only bow to one king and one king alone.

    Find King George’s carcass and smell the sulfur on it. The egomaniacal fool found out the hard way that he could not lord over the American spirit, for we are a Christian nation. One nation Under God. We bow only before the master of the universe and today, the master of the universe has given us a new type of leader.

    An ancient saying states that It Is Best to Fight Fire With Fire. And with the threat of the Chinese, Satan’s atheism spreading wildly, coupled with a weak Europe prone to listen to a dictator’s insane barking, America faces a crisis point. This is a time where we must not retreat into isolationism, but let a fiery leader fire back with the full force of our military and the bright, burning light of our leadership, just like we did with Japan.

    There is no denying the splendor of American might and Sarah Palin is just the woman to lead us to new heights, to slay all other dragons and make sure their is only one epic creature of lore and tales, an epic nation whose story will last for generations and eons, because we will always be there to tell the history of mankind and the world as its leader.


    Sarah Palin is the true girl with a dragon tattoo and it is her time to blow the fires of purity to burn the chaf, sin and communist Chinese right out of our world.

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