• Should Osama Bin Laden’s Body Be Stuffed For Public Viewing?

    May 2, 2011 6:42 am 12 comments
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  • After ten years and countless lives lost, we finally got him. Osama Bin Laden, dead. Shot in the head by American Soldiers. Also one other little tidbit for the public to chew on: we have taken custody of the body.

    So what now? Kenyan President Barack Obama claims they are going to give him a full Muslim burial. Of course that would be his stance on the issue. He has no balls.

    If Bush was still in office, there would be no doubt where we would go with this. Liberals, however, have a softer sense of justice. Still, we here at Christwire decided to make our own proposal: Stuff the body and charge a nickel for every viewing.

    We need to recoup the money it has cost us to hunt him down. A traveling sideshow showcasing the deceased terrorist, allowing children and adults alike to poke and prod until they themselves are sure he is dead, would surely help to relieve the burden on the tax payers. Of course the whole thing would be classy, with t-shirt stands and food vendors and what-not.

    Some may be worried this would offend Muslims. Their culture would not accept such a burial. In the American culture, however, such a thing has been faced by even our own criminals since the days of the old west. I assert that it is disrespectful of our own culture to not parade around his body like any country in history would after their number one enemy is slain.

    We are being robbed of our God promised right to show these Muslims what fate awaits the next one who decides he hates America and wants to attack us. Instead, liberals want to appease the Muslim world and will no doubt apologize before the week is out.

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