• Silly Bandz: The Secret Sexual Agenda

    May 6, 2011 6:05 pm 62 comments
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  • Millions of Americans are caught up in a new cult craze: Silly Bandz.

    silly bandz

    What are Silly Bandz?

    Silly bands are colored Mexican rubber bands made by the Chinese in various shapes. They are then shipped to the states to be sold at extreme pricing to teens and celebrities to be worn around the wrist.

    Color-Coded Sexual agenda
    Similar to the handkerchief code in the 70’s and 80’s, what type of Silly Bandz you wear and in what combinations is an external symbol of what you are into sexually. What your teen now wears on their wrists signals other sexual deviants as to whether they are a fornication sin match.

    Common colors of silly bandz and their meanings:

    Note: Due to regional differences, not all of these may be correct for all locations.


    As you can see, Silly Bandz are a huge threat to the temple that is the chastity of our attractive teenage youth.
    The last thing anyone wants to see are two 18 year-old attractive healthy females having sex with each other naked in front of you. Yet Silly Bandz cause this to happen everywhere every day.


    The shape of one’s Silly band reflect on what sexual roles they prefer.


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    Silly Band Swappers
    As darkness grows within ones soul, the need for more perversions is greater. Often people will swap bands in a disgusting orgy of terror. Television shows such as Aqua Teen Hunger Force and The Voice often lead to an increase in “swinging”.

    They are often combined to indicate multiple fornication desires.

    Lesbians often use them to trap other girls into sin.

    This Lesbian is using them as currency to purchase sin.

    Also used for sexting.

    Like a Tupperware party, people have Bandz parties to find expose new partners. Notice the child.

    Witches use them in pre-lesbian activites.

    Liberal whore queen wears them.

    Mexican whore queen wears them.

    Incest Bandz

    Demonic Bandz
    Demonic Bandz

    The president of Mexico wears them.

    Bandz for Africans

    Homogay bestiality bandz wearer.

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