• Soul Calibur Video Game Using Breast Mechanics To Entice Boys to Play

    May 12, 2011 8:43 pm 10 comments
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  • Soul Calibur is a demonic video game series that introduces young boys to the Bondage Community.

    People who like bondage are one in the same with the Team Edward Twilight crowd, forgoing jobs so they can instead have late night vampire blood orgies where they writhe in clusters of moaning ecstasy, biting each other’s necks and chests in the deepest thrills of passion.

    Such thoughts and sites would terrify any teenage boy and make him cry, so the members of this community have launched a game series to draw new members to their following.

    We will continue to analyze the fruits of their devious machinations and today we get a look at how Soul Calibur is being used to draw in young boys. WARNING: The following graphic contains a pornographic scientific diagram of pixelated female anatomy used in video games. Immediately pray and demand any wife/children leave the room before reviewing.

    In the graphic, you see the detail of breast sizes used to entertain the lustful palette of proporition preference for adolescent boys. In a time of life where young men tend to want excellence in study and family time, we see games like this are trying to force them to think about their private areas.
    The Exact Breast Sizes Of The Ladies In Soul Calibur

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