• Steve-O Banned From Posting On Facebook For Being Homogay

    May 22, 2011 9:04 pm 25 comments
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  • In the last few hours, our research team has uncovered breaking news. It seems that MTV star and homogay actor Steve O was warned three times then banned from posting on his fan page because of homogay references.

    The heathen, better known for being gay on television and getting attention from it, apparently went crazy and posted all kinds of gay stuff on the social media website earlier today. This drew ire from the moderators, who were not having his “Jackass”-like antics nor his homogay penis posting on their fine website.

    No telling whether this whole thing was just a scam to bring himself back in the limelight after not having any work for the past two years, or whether he actually had a homogay fit and just couldn’t help himself. Christwire has placed its bet on the former.

    If you look at the chart above, the amount of homogayness on Facebook rose exponentially when Steve-O was given his page to do with what he he does with everything, and that’s make it gay. A quick look at his page and you will do nothing but crave anal sex from hairy bikers. No doubt this is part of his ultimate plan, and that of his liberal backers at Masturbation Television, to turn our youth into socket-suckers and penis-purveying-panty-wearers.

    When asked for comment on the matter, Steve-O actually tried to rape one of our fine interns with his penis. As of press time, Mike Watson was still a bit shaken but escaped with his sweet anal virginity intact after beating off the shirtless madman with the King James version of God’s Word. When asked for comment, he simply said “This is the second time this great book has saved me.”

    In closing we would like to applaud Facebook’s moderation team for brining the hammer down on this homogay once and for all! Actually, however, it had nothing to do with them at all. It was God, smiting heathens as he does best, helping to keep our Internet free of AIDS and the gay that seems to follow this Steve-O fellow everywhere he goes.

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