• Super Hero Comics Cause College Girls to Take More Raunchy Facebook Pictures

    May 20, 2011 12:43 pm 96 comments
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  • Editor’s Note
    After publishing this piece yesterday, I have received hundreds of emails from comic book fans stating that all facts in this article are speculation and not true. There are many of you saying that comic books are not a problem in society, when even in the tender 1950s America had to use the Comic Codes Authority to regulate the raunchiness and copious corporal violence being illicited in these books.

    To further bring home the point of how comics are dangerous, as an addendum here are several resource links to show you just how widespread the sheer debauchery of these comics has become within the last decade. It is sick and it is definitely corrupting the life of America’s children. After the series of links to support articles written by some of my revered colleagues and associates, there stands my original piece and I do stand by its veracity. Liberal naysayers who support comics, know this. Comics are a formidable threat to the innocence of youth, one that can infest and erode a person’s moral fiber and being, all the way through adulthood. This expose captures the elemental truth of my thesis.

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    Comic books are a great danger to society. Every year, these little colorful morsels of iniquity explode with stories of how fantastically evolved characters can fly all around and shoot lasers from their eyes, all while the women defy the laws of phyics itself with impossibly skinny waists and heaping holy tatas that stand erect without a bra.

    Frank Miller, God sees all the nasty things you draw and cause your women characters to do.

    But today is not about taking perverts to task, it is rather about attacking the longstanding institution of comic books itself. Comic books are the ancient form of World of Warcraft: it causes those who are addicted to them to only emerge to the light of day to buy a new release. Otherwise, you will find comic ‘geeks’ tend to cluster in basements where they eat cheetos and yell at their mother and father who tries to get them to go outside.

    They post on ridiculous comic book community forums where the artists and writers of these Superman, The “Spider Man” and the most homosexual of them all, the Batman who laces up in dark black Corinthian leathers, his taut muscles exploding with power beneath his sweat-filled costume, as he runs behind Robin, whose supple legs emerge in a woman’s panty hose. It is filthy.

    This is turning boys into recluse homosexuals or even worse, internet perverts. It has been happening for years and the odd development is that with the advent of online comic sales, women are somehow now enjoying comics.

    The main target demographic is the college female. We’ve already seen them take underwear photos, which was my first report on this subject. And then the tattoos and half nudie porn scene photos dressed like their favorite characters, dominating poor, drunken fraternity boys they plied with alcohol and made them live out their nastiest fantasy. What a horrible fate for men who just want to study and bring honor to their name in this world.

    We see these little vixens are deeply under possession of comics, as now they’ve unleashed a rash of new photographs where they explose their flesh, body painted with their favorite characters. They are posting these images on Facebook and causing our little basement dwelling comic homo nerds to commit the most carnal act of wood stoking sins.


    1.  Spiderman’s Goo Web of Sin


    Social scholar Tyson Bowers III commented on the proliferation of Spider-man paraphenelia in the homosexual community.  In his study, he found that homosexuals are now engaging in a new public phallic act called goo-webbing.

    In public places, they see a man, woman or child’s backside they like and then stare at it.  If you see a man staring at you on the bus, he’s likely goo-webbing.

    They will place a newspaper or coat on their lap, then proceed to rub themselves furiously and fervently, until sweat pops from their brow and their gluteal muscles squeeze and they tighten their colon in a surging moment of sheer pleasure.  They will sigh loudly and try to cover it up with a cough, then have the goo of sin on their hidden hands.  They will try to then say ‘excuse me’ as they brush past the visual victim who helped them produce liquid DNA of immorality.

    Whent they walk past, just like a pick pocket they will rub against your backside.  But instead of stealing your wallet, they are actually gooing themselves up.  This girl has painted herself with the gooey painting style of Spiderman to show her support of goowebbing and that is a terrible, terrible thought.

  • 2.  Hulking Lesbianism, Homosexual Gooweb

  • In this image, you can see this girl has been goo-webbed by one of the Spiderman homosexual fanboys.  While she supports homosexuality and comic books, she is using symbolism to show that she is actually a she-hulk lesbian.
  • The Incredible Hulk is actually a comic about Soviet nuclear experimentation, where one of their KGB agents is irradiated by gamma rays and when he becomes angry, goes on terrifying rampages against the American military and our good, small towns.  The Hulk is green with envy.  The green of the Hulk’s skin represents Russia’s eternal jealousy of America.  The USSR kisses our feet and trembles before the name of Reagan.
  • This lesbian symbolism also trembles, because she would rather not have a man’s life sauce dripping down her tanned and perfectly fit frame.  Too bad, lesbo.  Comics backfired on this one.

  • 3.  Super Tatas of Temerity

  • Superman is the story about how the Jewish people ripped the idea of Christ from Christianity.  Jewish people are the children of God, but do not believe Christ has come back yet.  Two young Jewish men named Shuster and Sheigel created a comic book about the Jewish savior during World War II, when Hitler was at his most evil.  It was great inspiration and World War II Superman cartoons were actually moral.
  • Somewhere in the 1970s, Superman had a run-in with drug addiction vis-a-vis DC comic’s new legion of drug induced writers.  We can see that Superman became the tale of a flying homosexual menace, using his fantastical powers to torment Christians, villains, heroes and anyone else he did not like.  Then, the homosexual habits began to emerge.
  • Indifferent sneers.  Impossibly perfect body despire a diet of purely drugs and drug food.  “Hanging out” exclusively with Batman and Robin in the Batcave.  Then, Superman’s lesbian cousin appeared.  The Super Power Girl.  This woman is doing an impression of Power Girl, a woman who dresses in a ridiculously low-cut outfit and then crucifies any man whose eyes dare dwell below chin level too long.
  • Do you have women in your workplace who dress like this?  There should be an ordinance against it.  I cannot just waltz into work with my shlupa spitzing halfway exposed from my fly with a conveniently misplaced boxer slit.  It just ‘peaks’ its tip and I joust my hips forward in conversation, then scream ‘harassment’ if anyone dares look down.
  • Such acts show either a tease who wants to be spanked in the breakroom or more likely, a lesbian harlot who is addicted to DC comics.
  • 4.  Batman Is Not Really Interested in Women, Only Making the boy Robin lay eggs

  • Batgirl.  Every Batgirl Batman ever hired has died or become crippled.  Why?  Batman has no interest in a fresh-bodied college freshman girl doing cartwheels and needing her gymnast physique massaged in a late night 3 am shower, all sore after a night of fighting knife-wielding blood thespians who whipped her again and again, to only be saved by Batman and carried in a bundle of heaving, heavy sweat to the Batcave where all she wants is a sensual shower and the release that only the touch of Batman’s batmanslapper in between her thighs, mounted high can bring.
  • 5.  An Eyeflash of Sin

  • Well, color us all surprised.  The Flash is flashing.  This girl is showing her very healthy thighs and bent over in the classic poopy squat pose, the very pose that sends gays screeching and clawing like a cat in heat.  No telling how many ‘Facebook likes’ she receieved from strangers who got major jollies from this one.  The horrors if this image was shot from the behind.Click here to find out more!
  • 6.

  • There is a movie coming out called ‘The Green Latern’.  It is a modern retelling of Top Gun, where instead of the lead character being a homosexual scientologist air fighter pilot who lets his daughter eat Penis Gummies, the lead character is a homosexual who wears diva jewelry and takes drugs.  Hal Jordan, that is his life story.

    Somewhere in this movie, there is an alien orgy and the Big Bang theory is pushed as well.  It is all trash and that is what I see in the hearts of the young women of America.

    Friends and family, do not let your daughters fall into the trap of comic books.  These little pamphlets of destruction have already ruined the lives of countless men, causing them to fall into the snarling deathtrap for masturbation and electronic sin docking.  Now girls are emulating the characters of this bizarre culture, taking sexualized images of themselves and posting them to Facebook.

    Today, we took an object look into this crisis.  Today, let yourself share these images with friends and warn them about the new comic book agenda to recruit females in its reading demographic.

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