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    May 15, 2011 1:47 am 21 comments
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    I really hope people read this. This site is a mess. Everything they say is a lie. God is not hateful. God may be a jealous God, and want your full and undivided attention, but he does not hate you because you may be gay, or your a different race. Your daughter can’t “catch” lesbian feelings. The way you live is your choice, but God does not hate you for it. I have seen so many Christians turn away from God because of the people who run this site. I hope they realized one day that they’re not real Christians at all. There is a difference between telling someone that something is right or wrong and judging. All I see on this site is negativity and hate, judging and confusion. I came to this site looking for God, and I know that’s insane. I know I probley should’ve went to the Bible, but after all, I am young. I make many mistakes, as well as everyone else. No one is better than you, and don’t let these poeple who own this site put that they are better and holy in your head, because they’re not. Everyone sins, it’s inavoidable.. but it doesn’t mean that everyone, including God hates you. God loves, and forgives. I have seen so many things go unforgiven on this site. If I happen to get banned from ChristWire, so be it, but people needed to know the truth. Do not go by these people’s words, look it up for yourself. Talk to people you can trust. I know I’m far from perfect, but I don’t want there to be anymore people being hated because of their sexuality or their race, or the music you listen to. I understand that people are angry, people cuss, people say some pretty mean stuff. I have once myself.. but that doesn’t mean your a desendent from Satan. Your just upset, and I could see why. This site angers me.. and if you disagree with me, it’s okay.

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