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    May 8, 2011 3:55 am Comments Off on To Whom It May Concern
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    This is a hatemail letter received from one of our readers, Shaun. All last names and emails are removed from our letters to respect the privacy of our fans, even if they are too hardheaded to appreciate our advice. You can email us at holymailbox@christwire.org.

    To whom it may concern at christwire.org,

    I recently went on your website by means of a link provided by a friend to find your story on The Big 4 – Another Concert to Promote Satanic Fornification and Vampiric Orgies by Tyson Bowers III. I’m not here to attack your personal beliefs, one of the great thing about the countries we live in is the freedom of speech, you should be permitted to present your conservative views as much as any liberal should be permitted to prevent theirs. My problem lies with the way your article is constructed.

    Firstly, I found the article to be poorly researched. While there were statistics and general information about the even, I found that the actual content about the bands was poorly researched at best. There are many aspects of these bands that are actively antagonistic towards the Christian faith and conservative. Bands like Slayer have a long-standing enmity towards Christianity, one of their albums was titled Diabolus In Musica, surely that would have been worth mentioning in your article rather than short blurb about how the name “that promotes the killing of innocent [C]hristians” a quick Google search would have led you to this, as well as a plethora of other anti-Christian actions by many of these groups.

    Also, if you wanted to be critical of this so-called “satan music” there’s a host of other, factual examples you could have included, such as Varg Vikernes, who performed under the metal band Burzum who has admitted to burning down churches in Norway and of the black metal fans in Norway that performed over 50 cases of arson against Christian churches from 1992-96. This information is freely available on Wikipedia and a quick Google search of ‘metal’ and ‘Christian’ would have led you to it. There has also been continued use of the anti-christian syllogism in many metal concerts, such as the Pentagram and the inverted cross.

    Secondly, there were glaringly obvious mistakes in the article, including the term “hipped hopped”. There is no excuse for this other than laziness and ignorance. The music of Hip Hop is always referred to as Hip Hop regardless of its tense. This is basic spelling and a primary school student could have told you this.

    Thirdly, I found many of the ideas expressed in the article poorly formed. The reasoning behind ‘The Big Four’ as a connotation of “Satan’s pool party of golden sin of piss” was flimsy at best. The number four has a myriad of syllogistic meanings in all cultures all over the world, it is a fairly common number after all. The number four could be a reference to Four Evangelists, the authors of the gospel and even if I was to connect the number four to satanism, surely there’s more obvious connections to be made, say the four horsemen for instance? The statistics were similarly badly explained, particularly the graph showing the UK’s rise in crime. You never make an effort to make a concrete link between metal music and the rising crime rates, if I had done this article I would have gone to more effort and obtained statistics in peaks in crime, if there were any, around the time of particularly prominent metal concerts, this information would have needed only a little more research and would have provided a much more concrete evidence to support your cause. Similarly I am very interested in where you got the statistic for sodomy at Big Four concerts, if you could please link me the source of this study that walks through, in detail, the steps in which these statistics were acquired, I would be very interested in studying it. Personally I’ve never noticed any rise in anal sex during these concerts, and certainly not at these concerts. The idea of more than 360 people finding a time and space to discretely perform anal intercourse at these concerts is baffling, though it would explain why the lines for the toilets are always so long at concerts.

    Overall I found the article a disappointing read, not because of its content but because of the way the article was written. A little more effort would have done wonders for it, had you presented this article as an intellectual argument against the Big Four concert instead of a sensationalist tirade I believe your message would have been far more effective. Thinking this to be an isolated case I analysed another couple of articles by your website only to be similarly disappointed. I suggest that your writers take some basic lessons in writing and research before releasing more articles of this calibre. Not only would it give your cause more merit but it would most likely sway objective or neutral parties to your cause. At the moment your articles seem to be nothing more than works of lazy, uninspired propaganda.

    Once again I would like to reiterate that I am not attacking your beliefs. I have many Christian friends and I firmly believe that people should be permitted to present their viewpoint, advertise their faith, and I congratulate your initiative in protecting the interests of your community and faith. I am merely attempting to offer constructive criticism for your articles in the hope that you can, in the future, present a better quality of work. Self-improvement is a virtue after all, and the conerstone of the Christian ethos if I am not mistaken.
    I hope you take the time to read this article and feel free to mail me your response. I fully encourage dialogue on these issues. I hope you are well and god keep you.

    Yours sincerely,

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