• US National Debt Explained So Even Women, Blacks, Liberals and Gays Understand

    May 16, 2011 1:59 am 62 comments
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  • As all conservative God fearing men know, water runs downhill not uphill. This fact seems to be lost on certain segments of the population unfamiliar with the natural way of things and Bible scripture. For some, a clear explanation of frequently asked questions is needed to familiarize these groups with successful social mores and the financial sacrifices required for citizens of the greatest nation.

    What Really Makes Up the National Debt?

    To understand the elements that make up the debt, one must understand that money does not grow on a money tree. Some will be startled and even despondent to discover this well known fact. The truth is liberals’ demands for voters’ rights, clean water, food safety, air safety, workers’ so called rights, and love for entitlements has created this toxic brew of debt.

    The situation is similar to a liberal wife spending money on a new car seat for the baby, when the family really needs a gun to shoot wayfaring dark intruders. Here’s a chart that shows the breakdown of evangelical reasons for the $14.131 Trillion (USD) in debt as of January 31, 2011.

    Ah, Sweet Information with a touch of Salt

    Behind these gruesome numbers are the unions, who promote these groups and pick at the carrion of our citizens’ hard work. We would have rebates our wealthiest citizens and zero unemployment if unions could stop complaining about workplace safety and demanding adherence to a work week schedule.

    When Did We Get All This Debt? Where Did This Originate?

    Under the President Who Is not President Bush, the National Debt has grown $3.56 Trillion dollars. On January 31, 2009, the debt was $10.569 Trillion. On January 31, 2011, the National Debt was $14.131 Trillion. It really doesn’t matter who was president, but just for fun here’s a graphical representation of the Debt increases of $8.3 Trillion from 2001 through 2011 by President.

    Look at that Graph, Oh I guess you can't see it

    Some liberals will note that the National Debt increased 75% (from $5.871 Trillion to $10.64 Trillion) under President Bush and only 25% ($10.64 to $14.131 Trillion) under the President Who Is Not President Bush. This is a lack of understanding that needs corrected.

    Looking at the graph above, one can plainly see under the scriptural leadership of President Bush, the debt rose only little more in eight years than the two year span of debt under the President who is not President Bush. We also have to remember that President Bush tax cuts for wealthy Americans also created jobs for the blacks, gays and women in flower shops, antique stores and as caddies at the country club. Blacks and women also had the added benefit of military service, but not the gays who could stay home with their power bottoms.

    President Bush faced down terrorists with a War in Iraq and even added some Medicare entitlements like a drug program and part D which benefits older liberal women with no husbands and, of course, mostly blacks. In the liberal mind, the increases during their Messiah President’s first two years looks like the chart below.

    Lying Liberal Graph, Good you aren't exposed to this...

    The liberal mind says the interest belongs to President Bush when these same liberals cheered when The President Who Is Not President Bush was sworn into office. President Bush isn’t President today and no longer has anything to do with this debt. Get some accountability, liberals, interest is the responsibility of this president!

    Liberals, blacks and women like to blame the recession on President Bush when it was these same lazy people that decided to stop working as soon as the Food Stamp President was elected.

    Liberals like to blame the Medicare Drug Program and Medicare D on President Bush. These programs would not exist if it weren’t for the single spinsters that have no husband to care for their needs and the blacks accustomed to welfare.

    The TARP bailout of WallStreet is not President Bush’s problem because if we had less regulation and allowed Investment and Banking to do that voodoo that they do so well, we would never have had a collapse in the first place. Banks were forced to approve housing loans for inappropriate applicants out of fear of backlash from liberals and the unions that might protest.

    So, How Can We Get Out of This Mess?

    First, we must elect a conservative president that can present a doctrine of austerity for those citizens that have not proven themselves worthy of tax subsidies, like the rich.

    Second, we must eliminate the one person – one vote democratic process that leads to the anarchy we see today. The fact that a minority holds the highest office should be proof enough that some people really shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Get out the vote campaigns need to be illegal. Promotion of apathy and malaise that keeps minorities, women and gays’ vote impact emotionally negligible will be helpful with a growing minority population.

    Third, women only get paid, on average, for the 70% contribution they make to the gross national product. Certain biological imperatives such as reproductive health need to be the domain of the 100% man earners of the household. Women are not emotionally suited to make decisions about their own healthcare. Funding for reduced cost and free clinics need to be eliminated and access laborious enough to effectively eliminate abortion.

    Forth, so called protections like clean air and water need to be let go. We need to return to the free hand of fate days where downed cattle became sausages.

    Fifth, marriage must be made a conduit out of poverty rather than the fairy land freedom of a liberal education. Privatization of education and instruction directed toward standardized testing rather than skill building is a great start. Disincentives for achievement by elimination of science fairs and other liberal elitist education festivals are already taking hold.

    Sixth – race, gender, age, sexual orientation, and disability discrimination needs to be removed as a legal gateway for entitlements. Businesses cannot hire the best and brightest if they must discriminate by considering the gay, ovulating, geriatric, and lazy.

    Just six simple ways to turn America into the proud country she could be and all it takes is electing a God Fearing Conservative with your interests in mind.

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