• What Does Image of Obama Watching Osama Die Say About the President

    May 3, 2011 7:52 am 12 comments
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    Not even a full day ago, the world rejoiced as the fruits of labor from President George W. Bush’s War On Terror were finally realized.  Finally, we have destroyed the main mastermind behind 9/11 . We have ripped away the life of Osama bin Laden and with a blessed bullet or two, took the first steps on helping God throw him like a fastball meteor into the deepest lava lake of hell.

    And in this process, Obama is somehow trying to take credit.  How is it that a Muslim president who tried to close Gitmo thinks we will fall for his dark lies?  Obama had nothing to do with the capture of Obama.

    The works of this was President George W. Bush, God and the US soldier.

    Here is proof, liberal lie hounds.

    Obama Watching Osama Die?

    That is a control room.  Here, the chickens who are too scared to go see real battle hide and watch the view through a soldier’s head cam.  Look at the pain on Obama’s face as his Muslim Bro. is hunted down by true Americans.

    As they get closer and closer to bin Laden, they can smell end stage renal disease.  The smell of death excites our boys more and the bullet caused Osama to explode all over the place.  What a beautiful site for any American to see, yet, we have Obama with a foul grimace on his face and if you look close at his left eye, a sympathetic tear!

    Obama wishes the Crusades never happened so his little sand shrine buddies could terrorize America with their patriarch society of bigotry, sexism and prejudice.  But America is a Christian nation and we frown on these things, just like God is frowning down on Osama as he begs us mercy from hell.

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