• Why Are Racist Blacks Giving Obama Praise for Osama Death Photos, When Bush Should be Getting All The Credit

    May 3, 2011 10:18 pm 18 comments
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  • The blacks are now usurping the title of George W. Bush as the true United States President and Leader of the Free World.  They are trying to Bogart President George W. Bush’s rightful glory by claiming their patron saint Obama as the captor of Osama.  The blacks are again trying to say it was a black man who is the hero.

    As you know, blacks love to paint graffiti pictures to make their run down Section 8 housing buildings look better, but instead all they are doing is showing you a sign that you’re in the wrong part of town.  Turn that car around and get back to safety!

    But I digress.  Obama is a renigger.  He has renigged on his promises to be fair and is trying to bask in the light of glory meant to shine upon President Bush’s precious face.  Let us look how Obama’s harem of Democrats are fellating their leader with ghetto African wall paintings.


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    Here we see blacks kick everything off with a good ol’ fashioned black father with drunk malt liquor anger issues slap in the face to a good Christian man named President George W. Bush.  Obama is all casual in the most important office of America.  Look how he refuses to wear a shirt and tie, opting instead for a black basketball shirt ‘dressup’ of Shaka Smart polo shirts and elbows on the table.  Where your house training, oh holy one?

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  • Most people in the US Army are of the bravest color, so it is no surprise to see that blacks are insulting our military by giving Obama credit for the kill.  It is President Bush who deserves credit for putting his life on the line to bring Osama to justice.  These theathens have no respect for a true master leader of peace and freedom.

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  • Here we see this one lacks any political correct bearing.  This is just an insult and egging the Arabs on for war, which is what the Democrats want.  They know if we are at war with Arabia, then there will be chaos and more taxes needed so instead of giving the money to our troops, they can pull a Bill Clinton and give it all to welfare moms and their crack babies on foodstamps.  Let’s not talk about the poor liberal college students who are mooching off college FAFSA applications and Pell Grants.  Moochers.

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  • Here Obama is playing a video game while our troops are putting their lives on the line minutes before sending Osama to hell.  Look at his focus on NBA Street, jusing cheat players to make his basketball fantasy while at least his generals are doing some paying attention and giving our soldiers emotional support through their helmet cam.
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  • Here a black photo master has tried to convince us that Obama’s entire Joint Chief of Staff staff and Cabinet is all actually Obama.  This has to be a fake because no matter what Muslim evil devil powers Obama wields, he cannot make everyone himself.
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  • Here the black painter on KillerShadows shows no respect for our friends the British.  Only days ago, our friends across the great Pasific Ocean had a wedding day for their royalty.  It was very beautiful and great for them and we all wished them the best.  Here, they ruin it with ugly meanness.  Maybe they are just jealous because if you watched the wedding, you’ll notice there was not one black person in it.
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  • Here the Black Savior is riding a magical unicorn and shooting rainbow happiness from his stigmata.  The blacks are emotional and cling to fantasy, so it is not surprise to see that they have their savior galloping through a sea of golden flowers in the English heath, as if he were really Jesus Christ.
  • What a delusional group of people and unicorns are Satanic anyway, as we seen in the Unicorn Women we reported on last year.

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  • More black war mongering.  This is why South Central L.A.’s notorious Los Angeles Crisps are so, so dangerous.
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  • We can see a black rapper calling women bad names had a part in this one.  Obama is trying to pimp us out for a reelection and using his feigned victory over Osama bin Laden as ‘street cred’ in the next election.
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  • Very mature.  There is no joke to war, boy.  Let me tell you why.  When you pull out a gun, you better be ready to shoot and kill.  That is the first rule of being the police or a soldier.  The homo boys may sit in their hoods playing their little homie g gangster games, but in Afghanistan it is the real deal.  There is no Satanic respawning unless you count the Muslim terrorists who pop up in hell when our soldiers send them there with a bullet forged in the heart of America.
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  • The Title image.  Look at the Watermelon Grin of the blacks trying to take credit for Bush’s triumph.
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  • George Bush is a rancher, so they are tryign to play Black Texas ranger with this one.  Next thign you know, someone will create a meme where they make Obama jokes instead of Chuck Norris jokes.  The day I see someone make a picture of Obama round house kicking Chuck Norris with one foot and hold Osama’s corpse in the other, I will retire from writing articles and just leave humanity.
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  • Pepsi drinking blacks are brainwashed as we saw in the last election ads and here we see again the non-responsible race thinks this is all a game.  They think Obama just magically killed Osama, like the sacrifice of ten years of our troops was not needed.
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  • Batman is a homosexual, so this one may be true and a good point.
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  • Black people are scared of Donald Trump.  His red faced authority reminds them of ol’ master in the Roots movies.  I’m not saying I agree with slavery, but that black people get nervous whenever a strong man of God and deep pockets sets them to task.  They hate work and Trump has a glare in their eye that lets them know his first order of business will be cutting them off Food Stamps and ObamaCare.  That’s why the cheap shots at Donald Trump.
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  • Obama listens to a gangster rapper named Jay-Z.  As our friend at ExMinistries warned us, Jay-Z has a song that says H to the izzo (Black speak for the letters “H” and “O”) and then V to the Izzay (black speak for “V” and “A”) and is calling himself HOVA, or Jehova.  Obama is showing he listens to that man’s evil song called “99 provlems” that is about shooting a woman.
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  • Again, we see them making light of this by having Obama playing video games.  Notice in the bottom right, they have blocked out the drug brownies so Obama doesn’t go to jail on drug charges.
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  • Swag is black speak for ‘marijuana’.  Know that Obama is throwing lavish DC orgies and scrogging many interns with his black mota weed he invites them to ‘puff’.  It is all innundo for twiddle rompus with interns and you should know a black is cheating.  Just like the black’s are trying to cheat Bush out of his rightful victory.

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