• Why Are You Facebook Liberals Posting “Thank You Obama for Osama Bin Laden!” Status Updates?

    May 2, 2011 1:09 am 19 comments
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  • Imature Image that showed up on my Facebook friend feed, trying to give Obama credit for the death of Osama bin Laden

    Imature Image that showed up on my Facebook friend feed, trying to give Obama credit for the death of Osama bin Laden


    I signed into Facebook and I was assaulted with a long Update Wall of messages. They all involved the glorious death of Osama bin Laden, the bearded rat that has cowered from our wrath for over a decade. Tonight, our troops sent him home to his diseased 72 virgins who have already been skewered by Satan every which way in the deepest bowels of Hell.

    And in the midst of all this, there are people who actually have the temerity and nerve to thank Obama for the capture and justice served to Osama.

    What sort of brainwashed liberal radicals do we have in the Democrat party? These people are bogus. These are the people who praised Barack Obama for saying he would “Shut down” Gitmo. John Stewart squealed and snickered like a thirteen-year-old boy being seduced with Giggle weed and wine coolers by his mid-life crisis home ec teacher behind the school’s boiler room, excitedly finding every possible way to dog on Bush for citing “Mission Accomplished” when we still had not caught bin Laden.

    And now, we know Osama’s corpse rots and who has appeared to take credit. The man mocked and ridiculed by a nation? No, you will not find President Bush trying to take credit for everything. Nor will you find the true heroes, our US troops. They will continue to proudly serve, sacrifice and die to make freedom a reality once more.

    Obama is a horrible person. He is trying to capitalize off this and his democrat followers are no better. This is not a victory for one man, but a victory for us all. It is a day that should make us proud: we have destroyed one of our greatest enemies. But guess what, it has nothing to do with Obama.

    It is everything to do with the God blessed troops whose tears, blood and today, triumph, have brought a bit more justice and freedom and safety to this cruel, dark world.

    If you voted for Obama, head your head in shame. Obama denounced the War on Terror at every opportunity. You don’t get to celebrate this one. Just learn from it. Know that President Bush was right and in your heart, you can see we need to consistently put men like Osama bin Laden under our thumb and crush if necessary.

    That is why we have Gitmo.

    That is why we have destroyed Saddam in Iraq.

    If is why and how we are in Afghanistan, rending the flesh of men like Osama bin Laden.

    And it is still why we have a War on Terror.

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