• Why Mitt Romney Does Not Deserve To Be US President

    May 28, 2011 10:25 am 25 comments
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  • First and foremost, as many of you know I am a staunch conservative Republican. I am the leader of CW Global, a ministry that has touched over 800 million lives and spans 6 continents across the globe. But when I see rampant idiocy and degeneracy from my fellow Republicans, it pains my heart. Today, Mitt Romney pains my heart.

    As you know, Mitt Romney is a Mormon who is going to run for president. In the midst of crisis, you would think a man who truly loves his country would start out his campaign clean. He would offer new ideas to stand behind. He would not resort to cheap-shot tactics that he thinks will ‘fire up’ his idiot conservatives who will fall in line with GOP just because he says he is Republican. The type of politicking Romney is doing is exactly what is destroying America.

    This is Romney’s plan to fix American, in a nutshell. This is directly from Mitt Romney’s Facebook and the first thing he’s really said about wanting to be president.

    That’s swell, Mitt. Taking cheap shots at Obama is going to fix the economy, assure our continued military superiority over China and take out Osama bin…oh wait, Obama and out brave troops already beat you to that one. This was my response to Mitt, a response it seems some of his followers are ‘liking’ on Facebook.

    Jack Gould
    How many jobs have you created now, Mitt? Already, you bash on Obama and I’m not seeing any plans here. How about this? You give us your ideas on how to fix everything, and if we like them, we will vote for you. You are a worthless idiot if your opening statement has to be “Obama Misery Index”. I’m Republican, by the way. You are what’s wrong with America. Just soundblips for media. Shut your mouth with the slagging and start presenting ideas. I’m tired of this Democrat/Republican warfare. You are like the Bloods/Crips: just dissin’ each other and making no progress for anyone. Stop being an idiot and playing into the worthless cycle, Romney.

    I would love to hear a response, but then again, that would take a politician whose above only name-calling and not presenting a rational platform. Strong work, Mitt. Now we know we can scratch you off the potentials list.
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