• Why was Jordana Brewster Out-Trending Bin Laden? (photo sex proof)

    May 2, 2011 3:02 pm 11 comments
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  • I’m kind of new to the internets. I don’t have the twitter or the Facebook or the wikipedias, but occasionally I will check and see what’s “trending” as the kids call it.

    So last night when heroic Americans finally sent Osama Bin Laden where he belongs, I decided to check the lists of what was trending. I expected to see Osama, Obama, Pakistan Etc. on the top of the lists. To my surprise and amazement I was wrong, the top trending subject was someone called Jordana Brewster. I needed to know more, who was this person and why was she more important than 9/11 justice?

    Jordana Brewsteris a half Mexican half American born in panama to an American male and a Brazilian father. She then rode affirmative action programs all the way to Yale where she got a BA in English.
    However the big shock is how she prostitutes her body to disrupt young males from their Christian responsibilities.

    Here she is hiking up her skirt to expose her sin to bathers.

    Turning tricks on the streets, notice the hooker shoes.

    A picture of her driving, probably stole it from her “John”
    A photo shoot ad for her sex


    Hot girl on girl action, a common tactic in snookering young Christian men.

    Her post sex orgy lollypop picture for girls gone wild.

    Pre-incest pic with twin sister. The actual sex was too disturbing to show.

    We are happy she has chosen to keep her body fit and firm for her future husband, but unless she gets her act straight quick no Christian male may want her.


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