• Will a Herman Cain Nomination Prove the Tea Party Republicans Aren’t Racist?

    May 9, 2011 5:05 pm 4 comments
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    Last week’s Republican Presidential Debates seemed to be overshadowed by the fact none of the participants were president, with each giving reasons why they should receive the Republican nomination. Each candidate tried to show why they were different than the President Who Is Not President Bush and still can be popular with the people.

    An after debate poll revealed many southern, republican white people really liked Herman Cain as a candidate with an added celebrity endorsement from the Precious star, vacationing in Miami, Florida.

    The Tea Party Republicans have struggled with cries of black and afro-saxon racism and will need to overcome this ‘erroneous’ labeling to win in 2012. Many in the media believe that the reasoning behind the Tea Party efforts to fire President Obama stems from racism. Since the Tea Party didn’t hire him, this argument seems rather silly.

    In the candidates own words, racism plays no role in his popularity and clear win during last week’s debate. When asked specifically about racism, Mr. Cain had this to say.

    “Color is off the table, whether I run or not. Is there an element in this country that is thinking, ‘We elected this black guy and he was a dud, so do we elect another one?’ I think maybe a thimble-full of people are thinking that way.”

    Staying true to his faith and military roots he commented on the interment of Osama Bin Laden. Like most, he would retain the body for an extended period and ignore the Shiria law of Islam.

    “I don’t know what the urgency was to dispose of the body so quickly. If I were president, I would have kept that body.”

    Can you feel the Thunder

    His strong stance on immigration has some reeling as comments about Panama, the birthplace of Senator John McCain, as a Chinese haven are strong words that may not heal by the 2012 elections. Of course this information came from ThinkProgress, so it may be a hoax.

    “There is a huge threat coming up out of South America through Central America, through Mexico, and into the United States. Iran is in South America. Hezbollah is in South America. I already talked about how China is in control of the Panama Canal. And even about 50 miles away from here in the Bahamas, building a port there. You know, there is some serious threats to our country.”

    Many find the candidate’s casual manner and selfless regard for verb tense a refreshing change from the cool demeanor, education elitism and grammar of the current President Who Is Not President Bush. In any case, a black candidate will show the liberals just how different the Republican Tea Party can be to lead the country to even lower corporate taxes and gain more balanced contributions from the lower tax tier Americans.

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