• A Beginner’s Guide to Healthy Male Sexuality: How To Teach Your Son About Puberty (PSA)

    June 15, 2011 8:47 pm 19 comments
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  • Learning Your Body w/ Dan Nordgren – Puberty and You, A Beginner’s Guide to Healthy Male Sexuality

    Hello, good friends. My name is Dan Nordgren, graduate film student and documentary creator of various film series. Growing up in today’s time can be tough for young men. Where there used to be a time of solid fathering and clear-cut values for every boy to abide by, there is now a blurred line in between sexuality, responsibility and duty to life and country.

    Growing up in the tough streets of Brooklyn, my father was forced to learn the hard way many good lessons of life. Lessons he passed on to me: hunting and shooting, being strong in the face of adversary and how to keep the hellhound harlots at bay.

    These lessons are those of a generation passed, one that never imagined an Obamacare world of underage mothers and smooth-faced fathers without jobs would exist.

    Today’s issues boys face are beyond what our forefathers could have ever imagined. Therefore, this primer is more timely than ever before. Homosexuality runs rampant in elementary and middle schools, teachers paddling the backsides of our Little Johnny’s and teaching them that wearing pink shirts and staying in from recess to ‘dust erasers with Mr. Homostache’ is a natural desire for all children.

    We see females are even worse role models as teachers, forcing young middle schools boys to endure pounding sweat sex sessions within tight cramped cars, where the confined space forces the teachers to bear their full weight and thrusts upon the boy’s raging spout of sin. It is a sick time that faces our children and it is no wonder they are growing up to be welfare cases.

    Please feel free to use this educational film I have mastered with the help of the Prelinger/ChristWire institute archives. Use this is your youth groups as a guiding tool for young men who are falling into the snaretrap of underaged fatherhood or more traumatic for any family, homosexuality. It is a deadly disease for the body and a death-dealing addictive drug for the mind.


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