• Americans Bring Civilization to more Africans

    June 25, 2011 10:42 am 5 comments
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    It is a sad, sad shame that there are people on Earth untouched by the glory of America.  As you and I have such joys in life as being able to buy our food from Wal-mart and can even now find the Bible online on a computer, there are people still so buck savage they have not invented toilet paper to wipe their fensters and are even scared of a mirror.

    In this touching video, we see some Africans from Papau New Guinea Pig over there are meeting some pure white for the first time.  Look at how they marvel over his God-copied skin and flowing hairlocks.  Look how with a simple snap of the wrist, the American introduces these pet creatures to fire and a better life.

    It is now only a few years when they too will be good Christians and yet another people saved from burning in hell.  What a beautiful video, enjoy.

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