• Andrew Wilkow – The Sexiest Conservative Alive

    June 8, 2011 4:38 pm 7 comments
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    When you think of conservative radio hosts, actors or even FOX News TV personalities the word “Sex Symbol” falls short. The liberals have a slew of sexy hard bodies and strong chin line hotties, but that is all changing with the rise of the new sexy conservative movement and its leader is no other than the quick tongued, six packed abed, Andrew Wilkow of Sirius XM’s, Wilkow Majority.

    Brad Pitt can’t carry a torch to this man’s ripped chest, boulder biceps and from rumors, he packs more heat than a Anthony Wiener Twitter picture. Unlike left wing movie stars, Andrew just isn’t a marble sculpture of sexiness, his mind is that of a Socrates or Plato and can run circles around the biggest left political hacks.

    This man likes to drive rugged vehicles and go out and shoot a arsenal of guns, while smoking cigars and drinking beer. He is what an American man should be! He isn’t tainted by the modern feminist movement nor the wussification of male roles, he is a man of men.

    So if your a conservative woman like myself and want some American loving eye candy, just do a quick Google image search for “Andrew Wilkow” and let your gun carrying, Jeep driving fantasies come to life.

    I would like to give Andrew an honorary “Sexiest Conservative Alive” award and would like to let him know that us Constitution loving gals wish our men could be the man he is.

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