• Anthony Weiner Twitter Pictures Leaked on the Internet

    June 8, 2011 12:57 pm 7 comments
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  • Censored: Anthony Weiner faced fresh humiliation today after an uncensored photo of his genitals was leaked on to the internetWeiner’s pictures are leaking all over the internet now and the Democrat Disgrace is all red-faced.

    This cell phone photo shows the censored taunt that came early today, as a big government insider who remains anonymous was more than happy to start selling off this pictures to the highest bidders. 

    What people would dare want to spend money to disgrace a man who is already a disgrace?

    This Weinergate scandal comes at a time when America is fragile, wounded by years of Obama’s ill policy and immoral leadership.

    Under the lead of President Bush, there was a certain chastity that politicians seemed to uphold.  Their little, flirtations, with immorality could be easily overlooked and forigven.  It really was not a big deal.

    But this Weiner scandal surely grips the heart and mind of our Christian nation and shows Obama has no control over his party.  It shows that they are playing follow the leader and we must wonder what sort of infedility Michelle Obama must endure and hide behind her lovely chocolate and white Oreo cookie smile.

    Weiner must get a firm hold on reality.  He must resign if he wants to do the right thing.

    ==>  Weiner Revealed

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