• Anthony Weiner’s Wife Huma Abedin Looks Like This

    June 9, 2011 6:57 pm 15 comments
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  • Anthony Weiner is a jerk.  Weiner has tugged at the sensibilities of America in an unprecedented showing of Twittering escapades, covering the world of politics and America in another sticky tale of affairs, lies and indecency.  You would think when men like him cheat, perhaps it would be because their wives were haggardly or shrews.  ‘Tis all the reason to cheat, no, having an untamed shrew for a wife.

    But when your wife is recognized as one of the greatest assets to US diplomacy and gives critical expertise in foreign affairs, helping the US delicately guide our damaged foreign relations with the Persian and Arabic world after the fiasco of past presidents (read, your little diaper god, George W. Bush ChristWire), one cannot help but think that you would be proud and respect her.  You may love her so much that you would not cheat on her when she’s out of the country, helping Secretary of State Hillary Clinton precent genocide or smooth relations with foreign governments.

    And then, she looks like this:

    Not that looks are everything, but what a beautiful woman.  It goes to show the heart of a cheater is made by itself.  It comes from within, perhaps for greed, lust or thrill of doing wrong.

    Whatever the case, Weiner is a shame to the Democratic Party and I call for his resignation.  Also, I hate most of the journalists here on ChristWire as much as Weiner and look forward to insulting your little golden boys like George Bush and Ronald Reagan on every turn.  Thanks for allowing the public to write op-ed pieces.  It’s nice and I will not back down from ripping you pundits every change I get.  As for Weiner, yeah he is wrong, but I’m not going to try to cover his sins.

    Instead, I’ll be responsible and say he is a Democrat and a horrible politician.  Kick him out of office.  Now how about you guys, confess the Bush was a horrible president and is responsible for a large part of our recession.  It’s one thing to Tweet your, how do you say, twiddle rompus for all the world to see, but starting a fake war, overturning two governments, helping broker financial transactions in the banking system that lead to the housing crash and spending like a drunk teenage girl in Barbados and daddy’s credit card, all while cutting taxes (and moreso for the rich), you should be held responsible and put on trial for crimes against logic and reason.

    If Weiner is to the hilt in guilt, then President Bush must be coming out of the ass end of wrong.

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