• Are Weiner’s Women To Blame For the Twitter Scandal?

    June 14, 2011 10:21 am 11 comments
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    Creative Commons License photo credit: JoeInSouthernCA As we continue to chastise Congressman Anthony Weiner for his Twittering escapades, we have overlooked one important thing.

    Should we also be attacking the women who decided to look at underwear pictures and illicit messages from a married man?

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    Sure, Weiner is a sheister. He cheated on his wife while she was on foreign missions for diplomacy. That is not John Edwards cheating on hife wife as she passes from cancer and use campaign money to conceal your wrong low, but it’s down there.

    Even with that, we have to ask ourselves what type of woman does business with Weiner? A hooker. And any woman who does business with a married man is a homewrecking hooker who should be held accountable. This line of questioning is fine and you will see other journalists bringing up the same point.

    Adultery is an ugly word. It is responsible for dividing the nuclear family and destroying America. Websites like Twitter and Facebook are becoming largely to blame for adultery and we see women are preying for men on these sites. Weiner had a weakness and these power hungry college and high school girls enticed him with all their vajazzled pictures and Raver Club scene images to be a part of the crowd. He was facing a midlife crisis and these girls toyed with him, providing him an outlet to feel young and wild again.

    Even atheists will agree that humans have a primal nature, they will go so far as to say our evolution, our origin, is from primates. We are primal creatures by any fold and we see Weiner’s adolecent primacy was tickled by these litter Twittering vixens.

    It takes two to tango and shame for media going after Weiner without also going after the women who seduced him and encouraged him to Tweet picture after picture.

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