• Are You An American? Happy Flag Day!!!

    June 14, 2011 5:33 am 11 comments
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  • June 14th is the second greatest day in American history. July 4th we celebrate our independence, but on June 14th, we celebrate The creation of our American Flag!!!

    We take this one day a year to celebrate our diversity, our love of immigrants and the day our Country AKA God’s Country became united under one flag.

    Sure, there have been some issues since then. The Blacks were still slaves, The mexicans still lived in their own country of Argentina and the Jewish people stayed in the area now known as “New York”. We American settlers had God’s authority to take this country in his name, yet lately we are being demonized just for the color of our skin.

    Well, welcome to 2011 America! We have blacks rioting in McDonald’s, Mexicans charging me $50 to mow my lawn 5 times a month, Feminazis trying to cut my “candybags” off just for sleeping with my wife when she “wasn’t in the mood”. I don’t understand this new America, and I want to go back to the happy go lucky days of 1777.

    I asked a few of my friends what their plans were for Flag Day, and none of them even knew it existed! The liberals are taking all of our greatest holidays and trying to hide them from our children. June 14th is Flag Day!!! Remember that and teach your children. It is the 2nd most important day in American history! I believe it should be a Government holiday (maybe Alex Keating will add that to his presidential run).

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