• At Least Weiner Ain’t A Boehner? California Rappers Delve Into Politics

    June 7, 2011 9:47 pm 7 comments
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  • One of the greatest plagues to humanity is rap music.  It is a vile and disgusting.  It represents a lifestyle none of us want to hear or see about.  It is dangerous and a part of America that if you don’t see it, does not really exist.

    So of course these ‘ganger rappers’ are not content just letting us try to keep our children in good schools with a future of hard work in medicine, law or corporate expertise.  They want our kids dreaming about hooker swallow orgies, smoked drugs and even worse their obligatory bad attitude.

    The talk of the day in the civilized world has been Democrat Representative Weiner’s desperate clinging to any sort of decency, with left-wing talking heads spouting off nonsense about Weiner’s innocence even though he confessed about tweeting pictures of his twiddle dangles.

    Nowhere is there room for morality.  Left-winger Rachel Maddow is even trying to act all dignified, today sending us a nasty letter and telling us to ‘be mature’ due to the namesake of Weiner.  I see no jokes to be made and she is the one, along with the likes of Jon Stewart, who are making phoenetically incorrect and insensitive remarks about our fine House Speaker Boehner’s Germanic name.

    In the midst of all this chaos, California’s notorious West Coast Rappers (also known as the notorious Los Angeles Crisps) have come out of the blue and are releasing song after song in defense of Weiner.  This is remniscent of when impeached Bill Clinton dared try to claim innocence after having a bobo session with a chunky intern named Monica Lewinsky.

    One of these gang bangers who goes by the name “N’Na’Mah Man” posted on his Twitter:

    Clinton had Boner,
    for a girl named Lewinsky,
    You Assdonkey clowns,
    act like he had a murder scheme,

    It’s the job of man,
    to bang a woman,
    cuz a man not bangin’ bitches,
    he’s just a homo Republican

    Oh Noes, The N’Na’Mah throwin down,
    Callin’ us all homo clowns,
    that’s right b*tch
    shut you mouth befo you need a stitch

    Now, look at those lyrics or prose. Whatever he called himself doing. This is exactly why we do not need these gang rappers trying to get into our country’s politics. They have no right.

    First, he’s fallacious. He is trying to claim that all Republicans are homosexuals if they do not have affairs on their wives.
    It’s the job of man,
    to bang a woman,

    That is black speak for saying a man’s JOB, which they don’t have in the first place since 63% of them are Obamacare recipients, but I digress. They are saying that a man should “bang”, or enter fornication, with a woman. If that’s not bad enough, he continues with the insult to the GOP.

    cuz a man not bangin’ b*tches,
    he’s just a homo Republican

    I edited the bad word in there, which is what rappers tend to call women. That is the same as calling a fine woman a dog instead of respecting them as equals are conservative dogma instructs as to do. You see they try to say Republicans are part of the homogay agenda for respecting women and that is dangerous. They are trying to peer pressure Republicans, probably good men like Alan Keyes, who may feel a need to connect with their colorkin folk and stray from morality.

    Even more disturbing about this “political rapper” is there are songs on YouTube to indoctrinate kids. This is probably the same way rapper Ludicrous was able to reach out to his now destructively dangerous protege Justin Beiber.


    From what interns can gleen from this hip hop garbage, these are the lyrics (again edited for decency).

    At Least Weiner Aint a Boehner

    Repubs Are (Repubs is likely a slang word for Republicans)
    Hating on Weiner (The rapper is trying to say Republicans dislike Representative Weiner, which we do.)
    But at Least He
    Aint a Boehner (Aint is a black community word for “Is not” in the English language.)

    I’m the N’Na’Mah’ Man,
    Rolling up today,
    In my Fresh Coupe de Ville,
    In Califor-ni-a,

    You Backwoods Mothaf*ckas, (A racial insult against Caucasians from the Appalachian mountains wooded areas)
    Trying to say,
    That my boy Weiner,
    Can’t get no play? (Black gang members use sexual conquest as a means of accomplishment, since they never go to college and just start gun gang violence. “Gettin’ play” is like posting a PhD or MD for them”.)

    Stop frontin like a snitch b*tch, (A tattle tell.)
    you know your ass would too, (A play on words, most likekly. The symbol for Democrat party is a donkey’s ass, which is accurate when you look what comes from their policy.)
    try to get some play,
    with a Twitter boo, (What is a Twitter Boo? We are still researching this one.)

    Some give Weiner his props,
    let him stand erect, (Nasty innuendo.)
    Cuz if you down this man,
    yo’ ass will be next

    Repubs Are
    Hating on Weiner
    But at Least He
    Aint a Boehner

    As you can see, this song is dangerous and this N’Na’Mah Man is just another threat. He is vulgar, mean and black nasty. He is threatening to call everyone who does not have an affair on their wives a homo and is trying to defend an alleged cheater.

    Democrats always rally around the likes of JFK and Bill Clinton, trying to get us to turn a blind eye to their phallic sins. But we are not going to let traditional Dem smokeshadowing and spooking, and now their little popular hip hop artists, scare us away from decency.

    Weiner better get a grip on reality, because we are kicking him out and that will be one less fornicator in this world. You rappers, you can get out of this country if you don’t mind your business. Leave politics to those of us with proper learning and education. You can’t teach the ones of knowledge anything with your jimbo goolash speak and ‘street cred’. Get back to the chalkboard. Here is a little closing rap for you raggerheads.

    If you don’t like my words,
    That You Heard,
    Get out of my politics,
    And stop grabbing on your di___

    You baggy bro bangers better know,
    that the GOP is the way to go!

    And that is a word to your mother homoboys.

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