• Atheist Math Teachers Will Force Your Children to Learn “Irrational” Numbers

    June 30, 2011 7:41 pm 226 comments
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  • God is great. His reasoning is beyond that of yours or mine, and all of His creation is without flaw. Everything He makes, He makes for a reason, and nothing He makes is lacking in order or clarity.

    But we are living in dark days. Heathen scientists have invented their own language to talk to each other and work to dismantle our Christian nation. They speak in hushed tones of numbers that go on forever, ever-twisting and changing like so many serpents. Atheist math teachers call these “irrational numbers,” a perfect name for a foolish sinful concept that denies God and reason. Atheists will tell you these numbers are “everywhere.” They are nowhere but in sinful heathen scientist’s minds.

    Public schools are dens of sin where gothemo girls will try to rub their milk sacs all over your son. But advances from titful harlots are not the only dangers–even the teachers in public schools try to force sin on the young. The fabricated devil science of “evolution” has long been recognized by Christians as Satanic, but irrational numbers are equally as unholy, and children have been forced to learn them as “fact” for years.

    The most popular “irrational number” is pi, or the circumference of a circle divided by its diameter. Atheists claim that pi is equal to 3.14159265… and on and on and never stopping even though your good Christian mind knows that it must stop at some point. But is this really the correct value for pi? Let’s consult the Bible, looking at a passage where Huram constructs a circular pool for King Solomon:

    He made the Sea of cast metal, circular in shape, measuring ten cubits from rim to rim and five cubits high. It took a line of thirty cubits to measure around it.
    –1 Kings 7:23

    Any child with a calculator or simple math skills can tell you that 30 cubits divided by 10 cubits–circumference divided by diameter–is 3. Pi is equal to 3. And yet atheist sin scientists continue to believe their made-up lies about devil-worshipping forever-numbers!


    To support their “theories,” math sinners have even come up with a host of other completely made-up irrational numbers, such as e and i, which are not numbers, they are letters. Moreover, they are two of the letters in the word “devil,” which is certainly not a coincidence. Neither is it a coincidence that the two letters in “pi,” “p” and “i,” are the two most important letters in “penis.” Homo math teachers want to touch your child’s penis and they are barely even being subtle about it.

    The only solution to all of this math and science sin is to pull your child out of evil government school and teach him at home. Public school will teach your baby evolution lies and it will also teach them that God is not rational. Pi equals three and there is no argument to be made against it. Home school your children, and write your Senator to demand we stop funding the Chinese lies that are taught in our classrooms.

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