• China Declares War On America

    June 30, 2011 4:53 am 37 comments
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    I am extremely terrified of Chinese people, but I am not racist.  You should feel the same way too.

    Not even a year ago, I went before Congress to warn everyone this day would come.  I joined thousands of others in protest to beseech our Christian nation declare an invasion upon the Chinese mainland, for the Chinese have a blood oath with my family’s name on it and every one of your family.

    As we learned during World War II, China is a blood pact nation.  They made a blood pact with Adolf Hitler to sear our innocent sons and daughters to the point of death at Pearl Harbor.  And from that day until now, the Chinese elders have passed on nursery rhymes to the grandchildren.

    These rhymes are not the gentle stories of Mother Goose, but rather the rumbling whispers of Father Dragon, the greatly evil Lord of China we know as Satan.

    For the last 70 years, every Chinese child has been soothed to sleep with gnashing tales of rending American flesh and how great fun it is to make Americans cry as they are tortured.  Ingrained in the mind and body of every Chinese child is a bloodlust, one that exists even in every zygote Chinese.  They number 3 billion and have it all out for us.

    Even though Obama is trying to cover it up, China attacked Los Alamos yesterday.  The Chinese are fireboming us with advanced space planes that swoop down from the heavens and ascend just as quickly as they take a life.

    To the left you see a site that our brave sons and daughters saw on their final day on Earth, as they stood betrayed by a Liberal Trotsky fellating ‘president’ calling himself Franklin Roosevelt.

    We are in a strange new world, one where the Chinese are attacking us and Obama is trying to hide the truth from our Christian nation.

    Make no mistake.  As you sleep tonight, every Chinese family will take time to bless their ancestral Samurai sword, all taking turns cutting their palm with it and even with their thick China accents, pronouncing “Forever To the Fuhrer”, sealing their ancient blood pact with Adolf Hitler and his Nazis.

    These forces dream of the day when America lays prostate and smoldering, dealt a death punch by the Axis powers rerisen.  It is up to us to ensure the spirit of McCarthy pervades and triumphs, so the good eest can contine to reign supreme and dominate the rice scented people of this planet.

    I am extremely terrified of Chinese people and you are too.  But never let anyone tell you this is wrong.  They have attacked Los Alamos and the Sultan of Lies, Obama, is too scared to admit he and his little demorat cronies were wrong.  But with perseverance, we can overcome the Chinese just as we did when we gave them to bright, blistering reminders of what freedom really means.

    We will teach them the lessons of atomic peace, a reminder that will hopefully stick with them another 50 years.

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