• China Persecutes America By Stealing Kung Fu Panda

    June 18, 2011 5:32 pm 45 comments
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    China has once again persecuted capitalism and continued their economic warfare upon America with another unprecedented attack on Hollywood.

    This time, Hollywood has done the unthinkable and assaulted children’s movie Kung Fu Panda.

    In an unabashed display of Communist hijinx, it seems Chinese spiritualists have colluded with graphic artists to completely retell and reanimate the tale of Kung Fu Panda 2, a new movie in which Jack Black teaches children how anyone can learn kung fu if they believe in themselves. This is a great life lesson and has a great applied lesson.

    China is jealous of this. China wants America to think we are too fat to know Kung Fu, to stupid to learn the discipline of ‘their’ martial art. Kung Fu Panda proves that this is not true and that Americans can succeed and be the best at anything, a great lesson from our Christian President Ronald W. Reagan and a lesson our children will need to remember as we reestablish America as Earth’s true champion, guardian and most powerful economy.

    Look at how the Chinese have pirated away our intellect and commerce once again. For this, China deserves a nuking! We cannot have them stealing our movies like this as it is why we are so far in debt. They have 2 billion of squint people in their country, and one movie ticket costs $15, so every movie China steals like this represents a $30 billion loss to America. How many movies have been released just this summer? Do the math and you will see why we are trillions in debt. China.

    Look at how they redid all the characters and made Kung Fu Panda a tale about Chinese pride!


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