• Chinese Scientists Fire Bomb Los Alamos, Fifty Foot Nuclear Flames Tower over Nevada

    June 29, 2011 2:31 pm 16 comments
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  • The Chinese have just firebomed Los Alamos!

    The Chinese dragon has reared its ugly head and it yearns for the flesh of seared American! Great visionaries have loudly warned us this day was coming but no one took heart and nuked China before it was too late.

    Amber Cooper warned us all that we should be extremely terrified of Chinese people, but did the government heed the lesson?  Glenn Beck warned that China was a roaring dragon, tattered, leather wings flying over the hands of America and seaking out a new place to make a nest. Under the shadowy beast, Democrats who dare call themselves Americans blocked our efforts to declare an invasion of the Chinese mainland.

    Now, America burns. Scientists in Los Alamos have had to flee our nations most precious laboratory, where we create better and bigger nuclear arms to ensure peace for humanity.

    But late last night, advanced Chinese UFOs flew through space, knocking out television satellites as they rapidly descended upon Los Alamos and opened a barrage of Chinese gunpowder all throughout the Nevada city, until fifty foot flames engulfed everything with the highest heats of hell.

    I am extremely terrified of Chinese people, but I’m not racist. You should feel the same way too.

    The Chinese have mouth orgasms when they think about the scent of your beautiful wife and lovely kids roasting upon their Asian spittles, searing to the perfect point of crispy death. Every Chinese child is born with the dream of hurting little Sally and Johnny, relishing in their tears and cries of agony as they watch a Chinese army goosestep over the fried corpses of mommy and daddy.

    China has nearly 3 billion people and they all want to see Americans dead and today, their army has destroyed America’s primary nuclear facility.

    PHOTO: The Las Conchas fire burns near the Los Alamos Laboratory in Los Alamos, N.M., Tuesday, June 28, 2011.


    Officials at Los Alamos long suspected the Chinese would make their first strike in this way. Under President George W. Bush, NASA and the Defensive Center Institute began to make a plan to make Los Alamos fireproof, to prevent a scenario known as ADD, or, Asian Dragon Deathpunch.

    Leaked documents on a primitive form of Wikileaks detailed communication between China and Kim-Il Song, an archrival of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il, on winning the heart of the Asian people with a massive attack against America, solidifying China’s perceived status as the world’s new superpower.

    By no coincidence, North Korea is in chaos today. Kim-Il Song is claiming victory over America, saying he helped develop the spaceplanes that were able to launch into sub-orbital space and then sneak into our nation in a 20,000 mile per hour space decent, literally bringing death from above.

    Top Secret Alamos agent Glen Walp revealed that Obama immediately cancelled Bush’s wise plan to fireproof Los Alamos. Instead of converting the nuclear city to a brick and mortal layout, Obama demanded the city retain its weak polyester building blends. Walp stated, “It [Los Alamos Laboratory] contains approximately 20,000 barrels of nuclear waste,” “It’s not contained within a concrete, brick and mortar-type building, but rather in a sort of fabric-type building that a fire could easily consume. ”

    Knowing this, China attacked Los Alamos to cause nuclear explosions. So far, flames have surrounded the labs and over 100,000 residents of the city are forced to evacuate. Only the prayers of proper Americans like yourself are keeping the labs from blowing up with a nuclear fury that would put Chernobyl to shame.

    Los Alamos Destruction, In Pictures

    Many years ago, Mexicans sneaked to young America to steal “The Alamo” from everyone.  And it was in that moment, the people this country learned a great lesson.  Other countries are jealous of what they can’t have.  Our beautiful land of Manifest Destiny.  Our people, who live in One Nation under God.

    They are jealous of our freedoms.

    And it’s this jealousy that now fills the heart of the Chinese radicals.  They hate freedom.  They hate America, and from this dragoonic fury, a hate not seen since Colonel Tavington burned Americans in a Church during the days of Redcoat Tyranny, that we have faced such a threat.

    Friends, look at the devestation China has brought to us:

    Los Alamos Wildfires Light Up Sky

    A hillside, singed with the nostril breath of Satan himself.  Everywhere you see smoke and fire, a home used to stand.  The Chinese are cunning and twice as calculation, being Asian.  This makes this impossibly dangerous.

    They understand America cannot rebuild itself without real estate and trickle down economics.  Thus, they attacked the homes of this community and what other suburban towns will be next?

    Los Alamos Wildfires Light Up Sky

    Very few American aircraft survived the onslaught. This is the same technique the Chinese used when they joined with Adolf Hitler to bomb young, innocent America on a day of infamy.  This lone chopper is trying to put out the wildfires, but it is just not enough.  Our nation only spent $895 billion on military this year, the fault of Obama’s death sickle cutting crucial funds from our troops.

    If only we were allowed to spend several trillion dollars, maybe we wouldn’t have had to cut back NASA and could have shot down the Chinese spaceships before they brought hell to our nation of peace.

    Los Alamos Wildfires Light Up Sky

    The Chinese have developed a new bomb called Mao’s Deliverance.  It is an advanced Carbon-4 calibre death bomb that causes a cocentric explosion of fire that burns at 197 Kelvin, a heat that rivals the Sun in furosity.  The cloud rises straight up from the point of impact, a visual queue that strikes more fear than a mushroom cloud causing peace to fall upon Japan.

    The Chinese have no right to do this to us.  They have burnt America with the fury of the Sun.  For this, we have no choice but to nuke Beijing until China and their little pet allies surrender.

    Los Alamos Wildfires

    A family who survived the night is fleeing.

    Los Alamos Wildfires

    Take careful note of the next shot.

    In the sky, you see what resembles a morning Sun.  Notice it is more red than usual and this is the first image we see of China’s new spacefleet.  As it dramatically sweeps through the stratosphere from space, you can see its body burns like a heavenly body, engulfed in the dragon flames breathed from hell’s deepest bowels.

    From this craft, you see a flame shooting down upon Los Alamos.  As foretold in prophesy, China is a dragon nation.  Their spaceships descend upon America with the “wrath of ye old Dragons of Ancient Lore, but with the Asiatic fury eternal”.

    Los Alamos Wildfires

    For the first time since 1776, Americans are forced to flee a city in our country.

    Los Alamos Wildfires

    Los Alamos Wildfires

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