• Delusional Twilight Actor Struggles To Separate Fact from Reality

    June 9, 2011 10:02 pm 18 comments
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  • Thousands of concerned parents have now emailed me, following my expose into the new dangerous children’s movie Twilight Breaking Dawn. Nearly 4 million people have now read this piece and are terrified that their children are at risk neck biters and blood brood vampire fornicators.

    It is a terrible task that face us journalists in battling the words of JKR Tolkien. He is a mastermind wordsmith who has grappled the mind of children and now have them pinned under the painful fangs of vampiric homosexuality. Some deluded fans tried to protect JKR, stating that he was a ‘Moron named Stephanie Meyer” and trying to blame the horrible nature of these books on someone’s being a mental moron or even more plausible, a woman. Lies!

    Twilight was written by a horrible man who believes it’s okay for a gang of sparkle light vampires to drug a girl named Bella with roofies, and then take turns biting her neck in a abandoned closet. There will be those who say this does not happen and you can listen to their words, or you can believe what your eyes see with proof.

    Before my proof, let’s deal with this issue of delusional Twilight actors. JRK Tolkien must have his pen quill dipped in the blood of Satan, for his words have a hold over millions of children and even the adults who act in the movie. One such is Billy Burke, who openly plays a homosexual vampire named “Father Charlie S. Carlisle”.  Charlies Carlisle is the Dumbledore homosexual figure of this movie, holding an influence over his ‘students’ with his sparkle wand of latent flamboyancy.

    So we see the liberal Hollyood campaign to call me a hypocrite has began.  The gauntlets are thrown down and the vampires are on the prowl.  This brainwashed actor actually somehow created http://tinyurl.com/3vbq8t2 first of all, as he  managed to hide the word CHRISTWIRE in my holy web link with what they call a tiny “URL” address which means “Tiny” “U(Undermining) R(Real) L(Life)”, so that children who click it can be magically brought to my article without seeing the words Christ in their www.link bar.  He does this so he can spread his Dracula lies into their mind and they won’t be reminded of Sunday School where this movie is condemned in their church.

    To all you sparkle daddy vampire hypocrites, I ask if I am such a hypocrite then why do we see these things!

    Twilight and Homosexuality

    In the Dark Ages, atheists ruled the Earth and it was like a Sodom and Gomorrah. Gays were allowed to marry and spread fecal disease as they performed clusters of improv orgies on every street corner.

    Rats and fleas were everywhere, feasting upon the rended flesh of the innocent. It was a scary time to live and Earth was very dark, with homosexually frilled Rococo neo-Gothic architecture making its first prominent appearance in Europe. God just shook his head in shame, seeing how gays would attack anything with a backside, including the wolves that ran wild and rampant at the time.

    Little did idiots in those days know or understand about microorganisms and genetics. When a man enters an animal in gay sins, super bacteria and virii are created. This is how we have AIDS and back then even scarier, the Black Bubonic Death Plague. Historical accounts reveal people used to bite as they performed sexual touches back then, spreading rabies and these viruses all over the place. Soon enough, the emergence of the Bubonic bacteriophage virus emerged and gripped everyone in the nastiest froths of explosive death. Stories from those days recount Lungs coughed from the body! Sweaty blood pouring from the eyes, stinging them as the victims yelped out in pain! Children, pets and parents, all dead!

    And gays were to blame. Particularly, neck biting gays.

    Of these gays, there was a prominent, blood thirsty sprite named Vlad Tepes, or as he’s now known, Count Dracula. Count Dracula was a real person and is the inspiration behind the Twilight films. I have proven this fact here. JRK Tolkien studied Vlad Tepes and how his name means “Satan Walks on Earth”. Carlisle is the Vlad Tepes of the Twilight series, as we can see when he gives Edward a Dark Ages homosexual neck bite in the following clip.


    Twilight Is Sinister Proof 1: Vlad Tepes (Carlisle) Gives Edward Cullen a Homosexual Neck Bite

    Twilight And The Teenage Child’s Mind

    Twilight is drugs for the mind. It is addictive, far more dangerous than ‘mary jane’ (street slang name for marijuana) or the new and deadly, Magic Mint being sold in West Hollywood hedge shops.

    Parents, Twilight is addicting your children to a very dangerous lifestyle. If your child is wearing dark clothing and spouting off nonsense of “Harvest moons”, Renesemee orgies or blood oaths for Team Jacob, then they are already under this movie’s spell. You can see it is all capped by shopping at Hot Topic, where you will see Twilight merchandize along with blood letting tools like whips, sharp chains and Spencers Gifts vampire sex toys. They are selling these things to your children with that “$20 bucks” they asked to borrow.

    How does your heart feel knowing that 20 bucks may have bought the $14.95 dollar pair of fake fangs for your daughter and her friends to perform Edward Cullen neck biting fantasies, but ended up catching rabie AIDS from an infected gay’s jugular. Don’t think it can happen?


    Thing of the trauma those 11 children faced. Twilight was to blame for that child biting all of those children and who knows? Was their more than just physical trauma, a Tolkien whisper chant from Harry Potter witchcraft could have caused the spirit of vampire addiction to fall on those victims. These movies are all one in the same and their plots coalesce in a orgasmic release of Satan’s pleasure. Look at this story:


    Twilight leads teens to think they are invincible and that getting drunk on Tamato (a blood drink combining 3/4 bottle of vodka, tomato juice and teen’s blood, used in Twilight rituals) will give them supernatural powers as shown in the movie. Look at this poor girl who was tricked by those lies:


    Then if all that was not enough to scare you, look at this. There are vampire children who individually are biting the necks of their classmates all across the country, but now with this Mexican werewolf named Jacob there are “Team Jacob” wolfpacks forming. We are just starting to do a documentary on this phenomena, but let’s take a look at some of these ‘wolfpack’ fans we had a chance to interview:


    Now as you see, Twilight has a grip on this nation. The actors in the movie are so delusional they will try to discredit every journalist who threatens to expose the truth. I’m surprised they have not emailed the holymailbox and challenged me to a wrestling match, where they pin me down and bit me just like they did that Edward Robot Duvalle boy! He was just a no-name actor, now he is bitten with homosexual sparkly sins.

    I leave you with this chilling letter from a mother who writ me in the Holymailbox@christwire.org ATTN: Abe. Look at this letter and let the chill of shock grip your heart and cause your blood to turn cold.

    Dear Abe,

    Thank you for your article about Twilight of Breaking Dawn. I had thought Twilight was a good series for teenage girls, so bought my daughters all the books of the series as they were released. I had no idea about the movies being so bad until I read your review of everything.

    My daughters have the DVDs and I decided to put one in (I think New Moon or Harvest Moon) and forward to a chapter with an interesting title screen shot. The vampire family had drugged the girl (Renee or Bella) and were sitting over her, having her sprawled on stone in what appeared to be a giant warehouse.

    They had clearly drugged her at some high school party and were getting ready to take advantage of her. The main vampire looked like a homosexual at first, with a European suit and very feminine eye squints, but he approached her in a very creepy manner and prepared to bite her neck. I had enough!

    Needless to say I hit every DVD with a hammer and have literally burnt every book. I ripped the posters down and when my son gets home from summer football training tonight, going to have him help look through my daughter’s laptops so we can clean up any YouTube videos and pictures they have stored in there too of this Twilight mess. Do you think my daughters will need counseling too? I am really concerned from them now and I did see some Hot Topic sacks and some thongs I did not know they owned while searching their rooms too? What am I to do and I am scared? Thanks for any help.

    Concerned Mom in Maine

    And to that Mom, I replied lenghty but to make the point simple, if your child has seen this movies or worse read the books, they will need counseling, prayer and constant supervision. They are at risk now of drug use and the Bella girl was prone to depression and your daughters will be to, letting blood and letting boys slip them roofies so they can more easily use their bodies.

    That final thought has struck your heart with fear, so do like that Mom and go inspect your child’s room right now. It is for their own good and though they may cry now, tell them to shut their mouths if they do not want to be homeless and on the 5 o’clock news after a blood sucking strangers finds them kicked out and wandering the streets. That will shut their mouths real good as you do your duty and protect them from having their life drained dry by this Satanic movie.

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