• Does bin Laden Cell Phone Contain Secret Texts to Barack Obama?

    June 25, 2011 11:31 am 106 comments
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  • Before Obama’s mysterious rise to power, reports prove that the now US President made a suspicious trip to Pakistan. It is not common for a pre-college student to make a trip to Pakistan and come back to America a millionaire, yet that is what we saw with Obama.

    It is time to open our eyes, America. Obama and bin Laden had a secret relationship. Several days ago, Abe Goodman’s investigation into Obama’s speeches lead us to find he was homosexually kissing David Cameron. On Fox News’ Red Eye, we have seen Jack Gould, Tyson Bowers III and most loudly Stephenson Billings accuse Obama of terroism and waging an illegal war.

    But even after all of this proof against Obama’s corruption, not of it compares to the proof that bin Laden’s cell phone has a tie to Pakistan and that as a teenager, this is where Obama met Osama and allegedly had a homosexual call boy tryst.

    After President George Bush ordered the War on Terror, he long suspected that this Christian Nation would have to take a long, hard look at Pakistan. In addition to harboring illegal terrorists, Pakistan has also built nuclear weapons without the permission of America.

    These facts are all shadowed by terrifying reality that Obama was allowed for 2 years, by Obama, to plan and build new schemes against this great country. Osama was allowed to train millions of new mujahadeen who remain loyal to Osama even after his death, and now, Obama.

    Obama knows that being a top brothel wife for Osama decades ago has secured his current spot as inheritor of the camel dowry, which includes the loyalty of Osama’s terrorists.

    This is where Libya comes into everything.

    Obama plans to ‘lose’ all of the weapons and aide money we are giving to Libya, and through a backroom bank deal brokered by the Swiss, is planning to use Gaddafi as a decoy to smuggle weapons from Libya to his mujahadeen patiential waiting in Pakistan. Once with weapons and drugged on marijuana opiates Obama is smuggling from Afghanistan, the Arab warriors will be next to unstoppable. Each one of them will be as strong as a crack addict, usually enough to frustrate a wild grizzly bear in a fight.

    Obama is a sly man but we must stop him, America. Bin Laden’s cell phone holds the key to proving once and for all, we much impeach Barack Hussein Obama.

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