• Does Ryan Dunn Car Crash Bring Questions About Encouraging ‘Jackass’ Culture

    June 22, 2011 2:58 am 20 comments
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  • In a tragedy, one of the stars of the successful “Jackass” series of television shows and movies has met a terrible ending after a car crash.

    Unconfirmed sources say Dunn was traveling in excess of 130 miles per hour at the time of crash.

    The Jackass series of movies have come under heavy critique due to a growing notion that they are encouraging the impressionable 16 – 24 year-old age demographic to do very bad things such as drugs, dangerous pranks and routinely dangerous behavior.

    While these questions will continue to mount over the next few days, we wish the best for Dunn’s family and friends during this trying time.

    The following footage from a YouTube member claims to have footage from the crash. If this is true footage and reports of the causal factors of accident (i.e., alcohol, speeding, ‘Jackass’ culture) verified, it shows why we should not speed and engage in wreckless driving behavior.


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