• Emma Watson Tantilizes Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 Fans By Stripping to Bikini, Dying Hair Red

    June 24, 2011 5:44 pm 50 comments
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  • Why is it when women become double down whores, they always have to go frolick in water with tight Russian leathers making their milks bulge and glisten, all while flooping around their red hair?

    A temptress seems to always have red locks, it is the color of seduction and why McDonalds had success (Ronald McDonald), the boring gay agenda Spider Man movies are considered ‘hits’ (actress Mary Jane (subliminal marijuana word) Watson exposed her milksacks and kissed upside down with, red hair) and the birth control pill creator Margaret Sanger encouraged children to toke the pill and gap their legs all they want.

    So with all that said, it is almost no surprise that to get attention for her new movie, Emma Watson is using her devil powers to open up the eyes of little boys and girls to lusty temptations. She is casting a witche’s spell and pulling the wool over your children’s eyes!

    Look at this whoredom on display!



    Here, we see Emma teasing.  She is acting all aloof, like she doesn’t plan on mounting your children from behind and having her body tense with the deepest throes of passion as she inserts her fingers and does magic spells to your fecal cauldron!

    It is all sick.  Did you know that in the JRK Tolkien book Harry Potter and the Deathly Half Blood Hallows Part 2, that there is a beast homosexual gay scene?

    Harry Potter waggles around his tickle stick in Emma Watson’s clencher, then out pops a magic baby.  They raise the child so it can defeat Dumbledore the gay, a powerfully homosexual wizard who lured Harry Potter and, his red head boyfriend, to his wizard’s lair in the first movie.  There, he sparkled his wand and gave them no no zone touches and even kissed Harry Potter on the forehead.

    The redhead turned gay and smoked drugs, then Harry Potter told Emma Watson to start ‘flying on his broomstick’ and there is a long scene where they fly around awkwardly laughing under the moon, their laughs slowly turning into a confusing mix of sounds of writhing bodies and nasty moans that would offend the ear of any parent.

    And all the while, Harry Potter had a girl tied up in the girl’s locker room and her name was Myrtle.  It is still said that by this movie, no one has discovered Harry Potter is a psychopath abductor and has Myrtle tied up in that steamy locker room in the forgotten lairs of Slither Inn ( a sexual innuendo name).  He forces her to do unimaginable bath acts and this is a children’s movie!

    Then, with the homosexuals from Hufflepuff Dumbledore makes a move to retake the Deathly Hallows with his half blood of herpies and gay bowel diseases most likely.  They engage in a “Quidditch” warfare and it is all nasty, exposed backsides and broomsticks.  Kids will turn away and the gay agenda is strong throughout the final battle, which brings the plot for the final book and movie.

    That is why Emma Watson is trying to distract us with images like this:

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  • Source.Here, she smiles for the camera and exposes her camera toe.  This is all a plot to get our attention and use the redhead technique to seduce us into giving her $16.50.  It’s just another night in Vegas.
  • Source.Here, we see Emma Watson makes the moaning Myrtle face.  The plot should be clear and it ends only when your child dies a crackwhore blood witch because you let these Harry Potter movies confuse him or her.  Burn the books!
  • Forbid viewing of this movie or threaten an exorcism and required weekly counseling sessions!
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