• Evangelism, Larry Flynt, Texas Chainsaw Jesus and Tennessee’s Eye Rape Law on ‘Distressing Images’

    June 20, 2011 6:03 pm 21 comments
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  • Larry Flynt is an outspoken forefather and founder of the internet’s ‘Rule 34’ long before the internet was even conceived by Tennessee’s Al Gore. As an evangelical born again Christian and half click away from white trash nobility, Mr. Flynt has focused an unflinching, unerring eye to satirically expose the paradox and hypocrisy he sees in the promulgated sexual mores, political ideology and Christian fervor that shape the American democratic landscape. Mr. Flynt has also been uncharacteristically silent on Tennessee’s Eye Rape legislation that undermines the free satirical expression won in the landmark US Supreme Court case, Hustler Magazine, Inc. v. Falwell, 485 U.S. 46 (1988).

    Rule 34: If you can think of it, someone has already made porn of it… no exceptions.

    The Eye Rape Law, HB300 was passed overwhelmingly and becomes effective July 1, 2011 as an annotation to the existing Tennessee harassment legislation that adds a little gut punch and playful tickle that effectively keeps ‘trolling’ bullies and the emotional distress of victims to a minimum. Eugene Volokh, a professor of law at UCLA, notes the pertinent part of the law would apply to any internet image made available to Tennessee residents, which covers practically the entire internet:

    (a) A person commits an offense who intentionally:
    (4) Communicates with another person or transmits or displays an image in a manner in which there is a reasonable expectation that the image will be viewed by the victim by [by telephone, in writing or by electronic communication] without legitimate purpose:
    (A) (i) With the malicious intent to frighten, intimidate or cause emotional distress; or
    (ii) In a manner the defendant knows, or reasonably should know, would frighten, intimidate or cause emotional distress to a similarly situated person of reasonable sensibilities; and
    (B) As the result of the communication, the person is frightened, intimidated or emotionally distressed.

    Hustler, established 37 years ago, is the running evangelical, old time religion commentary on the filth of pornography. Larry Flynt’s God soaked magazine, unlike the contemporary Playboy, does not take a glamorous approach to displaying the debasement of morality and sinful sexual fornication within its pages. On the Hustler glossy pages the porn pig is not painted and perfumed for market. It is a message run through a meat grinder and fired up as fuel for spiritual pyres that char the wicked tentacles of estrangement from grace.

    Where pederasts’ dreams are sugar coated and played out with Hefner’s “Girls Next Door”, Flynt warns of the wages of February-December underage sin with a companion magazine “Barely Legal” and Chester the Molester – a long running cartoon by a convicted and jailed child rapist. While the unsaved see ‘disruptive images’ others see the power of faith in the unveiling of truth – sin is ugly, unglamorous and infected with genital warts.

    One would expect the faith centered message savvy Mr. Flynt or his mega-corp to object to this direct threat to the blogging, twitter link distribution and social promotion of his running commentary, since the keystone publication “Hustler” includes fierce condemnation of pornography as well as razor sharp parody and satire intended to “intimidate and cause emotional distress” to intended targets. Although copies of “Hustler” are sent each month, free of charge and without consent to each and every member of the US congress, no comment has been made at this time on the Eye Rape legislation or how the intent of sending the magazine would be defended.

    The Controversy for Chris†Wire

    The mission of the Chris†Wire fellowship, in the words of founding Pastor Jack Gould, could be obstructed using this legislation.

    “Together, in this community, you and your Moral Leaders will combat the evil liberals of this world and once again ensure that a bit of freedom and righteousness once again permeates every country, and let those who don’t abide by our teachings know the eternal pit of hellfire shall be awaiting!”

    In the fervent pursuit of the mission, such as live streaming of “Passion of Christ” during site maintenance, images of our Lord and savior stripped and brutally crucified reach many of the unsaved. Some live in Tennessee. These images are distressing for the intended gay, atheist, and liberal audience like sin-flesh logs smoldering in the fires of hell. Some of the wicked have called this particular film, “Texas Chainsaw Jesus” or an “evangelical snuff film”.

    God’s love is like acid on the corrupt dimpled fat of the unsaved. While inconceivable to the righteous, the holy waters of baptism will burn with the immersion of Satan’s sulfuric grip of the amoral, causing distress. The law of God is painful and healing. The law of man is a numbing unguent that scars the soul.

    The evangelical and Chris†Wire tradition of using teaching parables or parodies to instruct as disciples in a walk of faith on the “eternal pit of hellfire” could be stressful for the unsaved that suckle the black milk of sin from Satan’s teat. This Eye Rape legislation hobbles the use of powerful images reined as a white horse of faith intended to wrangle the rone whores of Hell’s stables.

    Life in a Liberal Fishbowl Wearing a Blindfold

    Should this become law after July 1, is it possible that images such as a pamphlet featuring a dismembered fetus shoved in the face of an abortion seeking teen victim of incest could warrant a search of the unborn activist’s computer? It is unclear if images offered as required viewing by abortion seekers fall under the category of ‘distressing’.

    Will sites offering commentary and an evangelical message, such as Chris†Wire and Hustler be required to change their communication model? What of news outlets? Will we never again see the media saturated with junk shots of congressional representatives unfettered by pixel manipulation or tethered with required acknowledgement of the sensitive nature of the image? Will images of the crucifixion or the horrors of the holocaust become legally taboo? Will an image of the President Who is Not President Bush kissing a man be okay; but pictures of Sarah Palin in a bikini holding an AK-47 be outlawed?

    While many predict this legislation will be struck down as unconstitutional, it is probable the ‘distressing image’ and harassment issues will rise like a hydra once again. Perhaps this is what Mr. Flynt is waiting for. It is also possible he just doesn’t care. He recently appeared on the Maddow program which as caused quite a stir amongst the faithful until they realized he was promoting a new book, “One Nation Under Sex” which is a well notated investigative work that exposes the kinky ways of several liberal presidents and political notables.

    Some have noted that journalistic integrity and research shields and gives credibility to news outlets. They claim where many online sources will site broken links or nefarious sources, real journalists will review and check to provide only dependable reporting and critiques. The Chris†Wire community is well aware of the fallibility of so called news organizations, but views these indiscretions as teachable moments that bring the scripture to a new audience.

    Much the way children armored with helmets, elbow pads and knee guards never really learn to enjoy riding a bike or jumping headlong into a nearby creek while mimicking Evel Knievel, the soul can never soar to greater heights without experience, warnings and examples of the depravity of Satan’s minion. To over protect is to raise a country of sissified panty waists that need to be reassured that it will only get better.

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